Cordless Lamp from Neoz

Using rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, now you can have cordless lamp on your desk. This lamp is suitable for dining tables in commercial and domestic environments, or any other area when portable lighting is required. Each Lamp has dimming and special effect modes controlled by a single base switch and a battery charge level display. The Lamps simply locate onto Base stations for recharging providing simultaneous lighting while charging. Rotating the Lamp on the Base station also provides switching and dimming (patent pending).

cordless lamp neoz

neoz cordless lamp

future cordless lamp

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2 thoughts on “Cordless Lamp from Neoz

  1. u probably thought of this, but could "charge" during nights when not in use (like @ night or as used). Customers would probably pay extra for "convenience" of not changing bulb & making it "unique".

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