If You Are Super Duper Rich, You Can Buy Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

Aerion Supersonic Business Jet has a $80,000,000 price tag, the first unit has been purchased by Sheikh Rashid, ruler of Dubai. From Paris to New York, this bird in just over 4 hours. Thanks to its design, the Aerion Supersonic Business Jet will be able to cruise at 1.15 Mach over land without producing any boom on the ground. The plane can also keep a 0.98 Mach speed offering a similar cost-per-mile than competing subsonic private jets and complying with US regulations. To give you an idea, at this speed the Aerion can cross the Atlantic in two hours (it has a 4,600 miles range over 45,400 pounds of fuel) thanks to its Pratt & Whitney JT8D-219 engines. The Aerion Supersonic Business Jet will be delivered in 2014.

aerion supersonic business jet

future supersonic business jet

futuristic supersonic business jet

Via : Gizmodo.com

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3 thoughts on “If You Are Super Duper Rich, You Can Buy Aerion Supersonic Business Jet

  1. As hard as it is to find anyone with my name it is strange that I was named after one of the most expensive and best jets in the world. Nice to know!!!

  2. Now this is my Exec Jet (aside a modified B58 Hustler) see Cold War books Tech aviation for the B58 Hustler supersonic bomber, Pre B70 model.

    But this is my Exec Jet.

    From CA to HI.

    HI to the Philppines,

    US to EU,

    US to Brazil

    US to No Africa.

    Id add:

    Wii Games

    Supercruise engines from the F22 Raptor program & vector thrust (limited for braking on landing)

    HDTV panels

    Cel phones


    Massage cabin

    DVD library

    Business Area.


    & Main Cabin area.

    Now Im flying.

    & Id add

    Fwd Swept Wings or combo Delta wings.

    (make more stealthy in airframe?)

    See 2005 movie STEALTH.

    The cabin would be widebody style?

    wide as 707? 727?

    Flight crew would have seperate cabin for Long trips overseas alone with galley & bunkspace.

    & toilet.

    Plane would have 4 lavatory units.

    Full flaps, ailerons & sidestick control.

    ala F16 style.

  3. 1. This Supersonic Corporate Jet goes on: manket, it will be alot of orders from commercial Airlines copanies too!! Buy First 1st Aerion ,Supersonis Businesses Jet Plane for an order too!! A big seller Product in History;21 to in 21st Century in History too!!! This jet has Price Tage of(8,000,000 Dollars total cost) before the taxes are added to it too! Plus the U.S. Taxs is (480000 too. The total cost is $8480,000 in all expences Plus the State Tax is $250000 The total cost is $873000.00 Too!!!!!

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