Cendrawasih Motorbike Is Powered by Palm Oil

The price of most commodities has reached its peak, so does the rate of petrol. In such a case, people are trying to look for an alternative source of energy when it comes to using motor vehicles. The result of the search has been fruitful. Powered by palm oil, this Cendrawasih Bike is equipped with the necessary racing kit. The design, inspired by the shape of Cenderawasih, a bird of paradise. With a stunning and aggressive looks, this bike is sure to please many rocket heads.

Designer : Imran Othman

Modenas Motorbike

Modenas Motorbike

Modenas Motorbike

Modenas Motorbike

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4 thoughts on “Cendrawasih Motorbike Is Powered by Palm Oil

  1. How much to produce Gallons of palm oil & is it doable to massproduce for said bike etc.
    Must produce for other engines to use.

  2. This is a better idea, I guess, but isn't there a massive problem with palm oil production? They have to clear entire natural plains to raise it… Its a great idea, but there are other more abundent sources that it could run on.

  3. i love the ferari motor bike. dynamite……….. am a nigerian, i can i purchase d ferrari motrbike pls………… johnpaul.

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