Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack is a beautifully designed bathroom rack that you can use as a towel rack, a hair dryer, a sterilizer and a bathroom ventilator. We know that bathrooms usually have high humidity level that can cause moulds to grow. This rack helps in controlling humidity level by blowing air through its perforations to keep bathroom to have good air circulation. Not only it can be used to ventilate the bathroom, it can also be used as a towel rail, you can also dry and sanitize towels by activating a sterilization function. There’s a built-in hairdryer that you can detach from one of the ends of the Breeze Rack.

Designer : Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

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2 thoughts on “Breeze Rack by Jo Jae Young

  1. I would love to purchase multiple of these to use to dry extensions in my salon! When will they be available for purchase?

    • I am also curious to know when and where the breeze rack is available. The breeze rack is a dream come true once its available!

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