Black Hole Concept Mobile Phone by Seunghan Song

The Black Hole concept phone is packed with innovative features and great outlook. The phone doesn’t have a keyboard, the whole surface acts as a touch-screen display. The lower portion is the place which is named the black hole, having all the functional buttons to operate various functions. When the user touches any of the applications, the black hole absorbs it and activates the interface. The phone logically has no top or bottom. The user can switch the display from output to input simply by reversing the body of the phone. Thus, the user can have the convenience of reading as well as writing a message in a larger display.

black hole concept phone

black hole concept phone

black hole concept phone

black hole concept phone

black hole concept phone

Designer : Seunghan Song

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7 thoughts on “Black Hole Concept Mobile Phone by Seunghan Song

  1. I agree with Zach, this is a great concept phone. Very different from the iPhone in many ways, very imaginative. I love the black hole idea. The whole spacey feeling is very unique. Would definitely buy if priced about the same as the current model iPhone.

  2. Redesigning of a GUI, "touch your phone" concept was not enough and added "hey we are not alone!" concept. "I click and it happens" becomes "I click and wait for the animation happen and then a bigbang".

    And? And a bubble type interface? It can provide better use for people whom are visually-disabled.

    But since this interface has 3d abilities, it shall never shine like rendered, finger prints etc. You may want to cover it with some pvc type sheets but its moving interface will have problems. Yep i know that you are saying "i can decoupe the moving parts" and so then these parts get finger-dirty as expected.

    to Steven slessenger:

    The "whole spacey" feeling on a 3" screen in your hand… and you bet that felt unique? Try to swim underwater with your face looking towards the surface, at night, thats what you will call a "whole spacey" feeling. No sound, a bit pressure, lights and lights. Of course if you are living in a city with light-pollution its impossible.

    Designing, architecture, nature, experience; just turnoff your TVs and look at people.

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