Ambient Alerts Will Update You About Your Car’s Condition Like A Heartbeat

As an excellent alternative to the existing engine warning lights, Ambient Alerts have been unveiled. This helps drivers to diagnose faults within a car, in case it occurs. The problem with the existing systems is that they show very scanty information, which makes the drivers easily ignore the same. Serving as an excellent alternative, Ambient Alerts shows up constant status about the car’s present condition just like a heartbeat. In case of any unfavorable condition within the car, Ambient Alerts would send some sort of vibration every few minutes, which is enough to alert the driver. The steering wheel vibrates with every heartbeat just like a games controller and the corresponding status of the car is displayed on the screen. If the driver wishes to know more about the condition, he/she can tap the screen that would provide them with petite description of things happening inside the car.

Designer : Sam Grosset

Ambient Alerts

Ambient Alerts

Ambient Alerts

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2 thoughts on “Ambient Alerts Will Update You About Your Car’s Condition Like A Heartbeat

  1. For all Auto Makers & have Auto Club involved, Must for Nationwide Use, Neat.
    NO more damn guesses about whats wrong with car outside obvious tire issues & engine NOT starting.
    Must have, retrofit to Used models.

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