Dust Moto Model_1 Dirt Play Bike – Street Bike That Works on Trails

Limited to just 100 units, Dust Model_1 Dirt Play Bike wants to fill a massive gap in the market between dirt bikes and street bikes. Dust Moto is an American company that aims to become no 1 electric dirt bike brand in the world. The brand is committed to build an iconic brand through storytelling, amazing products, and community building. By engaging with their consumers, it is possible that the company can build something amazing, together.

After the Founders 50 program, many people have been asking how to join Model_1 prototype tests. As this moment, Dust Moto is opening orders for first 100 full production batch bikes, it is called “Dust First100”, of course, each bike will have serial number from 001 to 100.

Dust Model_1 Dirt Play Bike

Unlike many other brands, Dust Moto is committed to opening up access to their development process for early customers. The product is meant for you, therefore, it is important for this brand that you get what you want. By releasing limited batches of these bikes, it is hoped that they can build best quality bikes and deliver best riding experience.

Dust Model_1 is built to become ultimate dirt play bike, it’s easy to ride on your backyard track, local singletrack loop, or climbing the hills with friends. Model_1 has been designed to keep its core attributes of a performance dirt bike, it is stripped away from everything you don’t need. It features full-size dirt bike wheels, closed-cartridge moto suspension, optimized linkage, and premium brake kit. Even the chassis has been built to take a beating. Designed and built in America, Model_1 Dirt Play Bike is easy to service, customize, and upgrade.

Dust Model_1 Dirt Play Bike

Dust Model_1 Dirt Play Bike

Dust Model_1 Dirt Play Bike

• 26kW+/35hp peak power
• 3.5kWh swappable battery
• 500Nm torque
• 60+ mph
• Full size dirt bike wheel spec (21″ F, 18″/19″ R)
• 260mm front / 275mm rear suspension with custom kinematics
• 260mm front brake disc, 220mm rear disc
• 91kg (Target 200lbs)

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