You Can Use “On Air Cam” by Lee Jung Hoon For Self-Promotion

On Air Cam enables its user to record videos and include the individual who shoot them. There are dozens video sharing websites today and almost everyone is uploading videos on the internet. Unfortunately, our existing camcorder can shoot the object while video recording but not the person behind the camera. Some of you might think “Why do you need to show yourself in the video?”, well sometimes, we need to express our narcissistic personality here ;)

Designer : Lee Jung Hoon

On Air Cam by Lee Jung Hoon

On Air Cam by Lee Jung Hoon

This device has been designed with 2 lenses which allow the simultaneous display of the person recording and the person/object being recorded. So, if you showed the video of The Eiffel Tower to your friends and showed off about being in Paris, your friends couldn’t accuse you of lying since this camcorder would proof that you were really there. On Air Cam also features real-time upload of your videos through the installation of Wi-Fi and 3G technologies, this way, viewers can watch the scene being recorded in real-time.

On Air Cam by Lee Jung Hoon

On Air Cam by Lee Jung Hoon

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Xzzst says: August 2, 2011

awesome idea…

Brandi says: October 26, 2011


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