Washit : A Shower Cabinet and Small Washing Machine In One

Combining a shower cabinet and small washing machine is the main concept of Washit. This project aims to save more water by utilizing the same water that you use for taking a shower to wash your clothes at the same time. Washit concept brings lots of benefits both in domestic life or public facilities such as airports and fitness centers. Save more money on your water bill, this product will definitely change your daily routines, no more washing clothes in bulk. Every time you take a shower, it means you have the chance to wash a few pieces of clothes without having to spend extra water. There’s a special filtration system that will transform waste water from showering into clean water to wash your clothes.

Designers : Ahmet Burak Aktas, Adem Onalan, Salih Berk Ilhan and Burak Soylemez

Washit Shower and Washing Machine in One

Washit Shower and Washing Machine in One

Washit can be modified specially for public usage. You can access the washing machine from inside the shower cabinet, in this way, there’s no need to get out to put your clothes into the machine. Public Washit features the ability to refresh clothes with Airwash technology, thus enables you to take your clothes back quickly without any bad odors. The plumbing system features 2 water pumps, 3 filters (carbon, organic and chemical), 1 heater and water storage unit. While you take a shower, Washit gathers waste water from shower cabinet through its filters and straight into the water storage. In this way, all water in storage is filtered and ready to be used again either for showering or washing clothes. Just in case the machine needs more water, it can automatically fill itself from the water supply lines.

Washit Shower and Washing Machine in One

Washit Shower and Washing Machine in One

Washit Shower and Washing Machine in One

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masoud says: September 20, 2012

Very interesting .
I also find translated page to persian language of same NEWS here : http://www.charsoogh.com/page-2145.htm

maybe interesting for Persian Spoken Language….

Andrei says: December 15, 2012

Cool. Great idea coming up with this two in one shower and washing machine. Just by saving water and water bills every month, is already a big thing.

– Andrei

Anthony Morris says: April 23, 2013

It’s a stroke of genius to combine the washing machine and the shower. The only question now is when will this become commercially available?

Patrick Schwartz says: May 2, 2013

Is there a backup system that will cover instances of either the shower or washing machine not working? It would be a serious drawback if you could use this if one of the two main features fails.

Chris says: June 29, 2013

I am not actually familiar with how a washing machine was made but I am quite familiar with the “plumbing system”. And from the description you have provided regarding the machine’s plumbing system, I can say that it is an effective one.

Martin says: August 11, 2013

Its a great idea. Really eco-friendly. Would love to see more like this!

Peter Walters says: August 27, 2013

Being a plumber I have already installed a few of these systems and they are fantastic. A great intuitive idea that helps the environment and is also very useful. http://www.plumberwentworthville.net.au/

Jeff McGill says: October 4, 2013

This is a neat concept and would be awesome in a modern new studio. Looks awesome and it’s green

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