RUSH Camera for Total Action

RUSH camera is waterproof and shockproof – unique shots can be taken from a lot of new perspectives. Surfing, biking, or any other sports – RUSH is the camera for total action.  The camera’s function is based on three different fixation principles covering all needs of conventional sports. RUSH can be attached by using either a helmet or body band, or with an extra suction cup. It can be provided with a bike feature, too. The shutter release is attached to the index finger and can be triggered by thumb. This way, pictures can be taken in any situation. The image can be viewed on the info screen worn around the wrist. The jury: the solution is respectable. Nothing is promised that can’t be kept. Proportions and forms are conceivable

rush skateboarding

rush in action with motorcycle

rush parts

rush biking

rush dog

rush climbing

rush snowboarding

rush surfing

Designer : Martin Ruegg

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