Vida Stainless Steel Water Bottle From KOR Water Features Great Appearance And Usability

A common complaint about traditional stainless steel water bottles is the inappropriate feel both in hands when holding and on the lips when sipping. KOR Water has addressed this issue with an innovative reusable water bottle design Vida, a reusable water bottle that features unique aesthetics and ergonomics with affordable luxury. The aesthetical beauty along with functional usability of Vida delivers superior tactical engagement and a universally appropriate design to be used at office, gym, car, home, leisure or on-the-go. [Buy it here]

Designer : RKS Design for KOR Water

vida stainless steel water bottle

vida stainless steel water bottle

Vida is unbelievably lightweight, features a curved bottom for easy dishwasher cleaning and thread-less spout delivers a superior tactile sensation when sipping. The convenient handle not only offers a unique way of carrying the bottle, also complements to the overall look of the vessel. Food grade and BPA free 18/8 stainless steel has been used to construct the exterior and interior of the vessel, making it shiny, durable and long lasting. [Buy it here]

vida stainless steel water bottle

vida stainless steel water bottle

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aoife says: March 14, 2011

Now that looks like the kind of water bottle we should have in 2011!

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