TouchMan Communication Furniture Cell Phone Concept

This TouchMan cellphone turns into a communication furniture when clicked into the main device at home and let you communicate and share emotions permanently with your friends in an visual way. A mixture of screensaver, instant messenger and aquarium. You can watch your contact like fishes in an aquarium on the touchscreen. They could change color and activity to their current moods and availability. Use the camera to share your perspective or chat with several contacts at the same time. When the battery is running out, you can use the docking station to charge the main station and the cellphone at the same time, when the cellphone is disconnected, the main device sleeps. Taking the main device around the house won’t be a problem since there is a acryl cover to protect it.

touchman cell phone concept

touchman cell phone communication furniture concept

touchman futuristic cell phone concept

touchman future cell phone concept

Designer : Nils Siegel

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heather michelle says: May 5, 2008

wow…i love that it rocks out..all cell phones!!!! do u know where i can get one..l.o.l no joke i would love one….:)wow

TouchMan cellphone i love it it is sooo soo cute..!

jhut says: February 5, 2009

this is wicked

iman says: October 14, 2009

i just can not wait for the future im 12 and i just cant wait

iman says: October 14, 2009

i want eerything dats comin out is goin 2 b tite

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