The New Mac Mini Concept by A Mac Mini User

There are millions of fans of the Apple Macbooks who look forward to unique and improved versions of the laptops. The Mac mini is an innovative concept by Sait Alanyali that makes the Macbook look even more interesting. The color is classic white with the logo of Apple engraved on it (Sait is a huge Apple fan). The screen is spacious enough to be viewed with great precision. The exterior designs resemble a box which makes it look more compact and elegant. The appearance of the Mac mini gives a feel that it is extremely portable and can be carried easily on tours and for any other outdoor activities.

The design is fictional and do not support to suggest or inter any current or emerging product design efforts by Apple Computer Inc

new mac mini concept

new mac mini concept

new mac mini concept

new mac mini concept

new mac mini concept

new mac mini concept

Designer : Sait Alanyali

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Kier says: January 28, 2009

Amazing! You should seriously pitch this to apple or build a prototype!

Very Amazing though.

Zoey says: February 9, 2009

This thing is freaky looking. It's so small and cute.

karthi says: February 19, 2009

good model

Jakob Alminde says: April 28, 2009

… ew.

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