iMo is The Next Generation Urban Vehicle

It is quite evident that with the passage of time the designs and shapes of the vehicles, commonly used by people will change drastically. They will become environment friendly and also much safer than the current ones. iMO is a great vehicle that is designed to accompany the users as it seems alive with the insertion of several organic parts. It is round in shape and available in colors like yellow, blue, red and black. They have a transparent shield to cover the interior which makes it a fully secured car. The wheels are small, smoothly polished by immensely efficient at the same time. iMo is only a student project for Coventry University with no commercial means.

imo next generation urban vehicle

imo next generation urban vehicle

Anthony says:
Apple iMo is a city car, using advanced form-changing material, exploring the possibility of robotics to bring a new and simplified approach to personal mobility. The design ofiMo is based on the Apple philosophy which consists in applying a process of elimination to come up with simple and elegant solutions, by means of cutting edge technology. The result is a two-wheel robot designed to assist you throughout your daily life. There is no need to wonder where to park iMo, it takes you where you want and go to park by itself using specific parking systems called iPark. In fact, having no stationary vehicle in the streets to liberate ground space, is the main concept of iMo+iPark. To do so iMoparks against building walls, underground or even in the sky. Amongst other originalities, iMo features form-changing seats and wheels made of Nitinol and a holographic gesture-recognition driving system.

imo next generation urban vehicle

imo next generation urban vehicle

imo next generation urban vehicle

imo next generation urban vehicle

Designer : Anthony Jannarelly

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5 thoughts on “iMo is The Next Generation Urban Vehicle

  1. Is this really by Apple?

    I thought that only made computers and music players.

    If the quality of those is any evidence of this, I will be buying one. Assuming they come out. I hope they do.

  2. love the concept idea where you can program the car to pick you up or bring the kids to school or to be used for luggage. but the car look itself looks lame and im sure apple would design a vehicle one day which like the ipod/iphone and other mind blowing concepts have done.

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