Endlesstime Watch Design with Twist in The Middle

“Endlesstime”, as the name suggests, is a never ending watch designed to represent the endless quality of time. The design is quite simple and clean for any user. The watch is made up of semi-transparent plastic which can be straightened if not tied up on your wrist. The watch is very flexible due to the magnets concealed in the band and it can easily fit on any wrist comfortably. Designer has given a twist in the middle of the watch for reminding the symbol of hourglass. The twist also shows the division of the hour and minute displayed on the clock. Also, there is no need for batteries as the clock receives satellite signals and automatically tunes the watch as per current time zone.



Alexey words about his design:
A conceptual project for a wristwatch, Endlesstime has been designed in the form of the Möbius band to symbolise the infinite (or endless) quality of time.

Endlesstime is a continuous band without knobs and buttons. It does not require the tuning of time or the changing of batteries. A receiving device in the clock face receives a satellite signal and automatically tunes the watch to match the time in the current time zone. The battery is automatically charged using the kinetic energy made by movement.


Designer : Alexey Bykov

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3 thoughts on “Endlesstime Watch Design with Twist in The Middle

  1. @ both of you : The designer even calls this 'A conceptual project for a wristwatch' which means it is NOT real so stop asking how much it is, where to get it and how to get it. It is not real so get that into your thick skulls finally.

    Love the design of thwe watch because it is very simple and modern.

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