Robo TAP Cleaner by Gyu Ha Choi Is Your Future Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Finding it difficult to carry that hefty vacuum cleaner to clear out the mess? Looking out for a smarter solution? Well, you’ve landed on the right place. Check out the new Robo TAP Cleaner – a smart evolution of an automatic vacuum cleaner that is used to clear out the mess from a targeted area. Being an excellent domestic cleaning robot, Robo TAP can clean up messy spot as directed by the user.

Designer : Gyu Ha Choi

Robo TAP Cleaner by Gyu Ha Choi

Robo TAP Cleaner by Gyu Ha Choi

It features a special IPS system attached to the user’s shoes and acts based on the user’s movements. When the user taps his/her shoes, TAP recognizes the signal and moves towards the messy area to clean the same. Two or more taps will direct the robot to cancel the order. The mechanism is relatively simple and it is as entertaining as tap dancing. As one of 8 Electrolux Design Lab finalists, Robo TAP Cleaner proves to be an excellent alternative to traditional vacuum cleaner.

Robo TAP Cleaner by Gyu Ha Choi

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Gail Staunton says: February 5, 2013

Without remote control too. I find it… adorable like Wall E. One rival company developed a humming vacuum cleaner with 35 recorded lines. I would be very happy to own that one.

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