Provoke 2012 Phone Concept

Provoke Design is Nokia’s main Design contractor and they have come up with future headset design of Nokia. They have created three concepts, Express, Share and Feel. The look of the Express design can be changes as per your preferences and tastes. The Feel handset is basically designed for couples as this pair helps in deep communication with touch replication. The share concept enables the cults to interact in a personalized code formed within their sub-groups. Like other products this one is also facing new challenges, but it will surely achieve its goal.

provoke 2012 concept phone

provoke 2012 concept phone

provoke 2012 concept phone

provoke 2012 concept phone

Source : HardcoreDesign via Engadget

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tonysha says: May 27, 2008

i will love to have a phone like as one

dannielle says: December 8, 2008

this is awesomw but needs a little more explaining on ur half!!!!

Racheal says: August 14, 2009

these phones you ar e making aret really diffrent from th phones we have now there just odly shaped and look cool i dont understand why you people are amking diffrent designs cell phones are not important but i would die for the pink phone it is absolutly amasing

de$ha says: November 18, 2009

these Phonees go hard &i Wuhd die For Ah Pink Phome alsoo Ko$ phone4 Are Mhuaa LIFEEE!

fran says: April 13, 2010

it's so perfect. where can i get it at?

M9168 says: March 16, 2011

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