LOOP-IN : Hybrid Concept Between The Skate and The Surfing

LOOP-IN is a concept transportation system crafted by combining the surfing and the skate facility. The rider can enjoy the ultimate speed on the wheels and can do some surfing acrobatics at the same time. While the wheels can rotate on almost any type of surface, the plate will rotate in its interior independently. It is like pushing by a wave continuously. Initially, the rider will have to acquire the abilities to dominate the control of these wheels on any kind of lands and at the same time learning to keep balance inside the wheels is a must. Therefore, all range of adventure lovers will like the combination of these two sports activities when riding on LOOP-IN.

loop in hybrid skate and surfing

loop in hybrid skate and surfing

loop in hybrid skate and surfing

loop in hybrid skate and surfing

Designer : Marcial Ahsayane

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10 thoughts on “LOOP-IN : Hybrid Concept Between The Skate and The Surfing

  1. When will be this product on sale? I think its not finished yet because I couldn't find it anywhere on the net. Thanks

  2. that will never be made.. its a concept.. probably just a student project from a sophomore in college.. its not even senior level of industrial design.. quite frankly the layout is sooo cheezy and quicksilver would never even touch a product like that in a million years..

  3. We’ve already made stuff like this with motorcylces.
    So it shouldn’t take you to long to make this bad boy..
    But i don’t think quicksilver will be the ones making it.

  4. They should put some sort of safety harness or similar feature on that. It figuratively and literally doesn’t hurt to be safe while zipping around on that. Besides, there seems to be enough room for straps or a harness anyway.

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