Seaboard RISE Music Instrument Features Special Key Waves to Shape Your Music Notes

Seaboard RISE is the latest product from ROLI. We have featured the previous musical instrument Seaboard GRAND, this time, RISE incorporates the same interface to bring you a universally accessible MIDI controller. This music device would empower musicians to do more with their music thanks to a programmable future keyboard here. It features patented interface technology that remodels keyboard as a pressure sensitive continuous surface, it responds even to sensitive gestures. Due to its special ...
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ATX 8080 All Electric Motoscooter Powered by KLDOneDrive and Samsung SDI Technology

Go Green, ATX 8080 is an all-electric motoscooter powered by KLD oneDrive and Samsung SDI technology to bring you clean, eco-friendly urban transportation. It’s a fully electric, American made vehicle with few moving parts, there’s nothing to break, so you don’t have to worry about it, no gas, no gears, no oil, easy to maintain, all you need to do is enjoy the fun ride. The internal components are fully sealed with all-weather construction, no combustible fuels. The unique urban design ...
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Ottantacique Yacht with Twin Pools Features Elegant, Dynamic Surfaces and On-Board Comfort

One thing that stands out from Ottantacique Yacht is twin pools. Yes, those pools are raised almost flush with the side bulwark while the elevated sun bed provides you with jaw-dropping views of the sea from main deck. The adjustable bottom makes the water depth can be reduced to zero in order to create large open platform, giving passengers for over 160m2 lifestyle amenity. Those twin pools feature glass walls that allow light to spread through the water to the spa. Lower deck offers an imag...
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Sub-Scope Glucose Monitoring System Targets Type 1 Diabetes Patient That Plays Sports

Sub-Scope is a sub-dermal continuous glucose monitoring system that is targeted at sporty users with Type 1 diabetes. Sub-Scope has three components which work together to give the user quick and accurate readings while they are exercising. The system consists of a sub-dermal implant, a watch and an app on the user’s smart phone. It uses a passive sub-dermal RFID implant in the forearm which continuously monitors blood at a rate of once every two minutes. The watch receives the data from th...
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CityPorter eScooter Features Removable Suitcase to Carry Your Everyday Essentials

Designed by Christian Polonyi, a German industrial designer, CityPorter is a concept electric scooter to free you from public transport and traffic jam. This personal vehicle allows you to be independent to cruise around the city in smart and stylish way. Using current technology, it is highly possible to develop an electric, lightweight vehicle with battery capacity that offers a remarkable range of distance. This e-scooter can also recharge your mobile device while being used as a GPS navigato...
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Nest Shelf : Expandable Shelf Made from Carbon Fiber

Love love love this Nest Shelf, Sayaka Ito has made small room feels spacious. It’s a concept shelf that takes only seconds to expand to 2 times its original size. The vertical sections are constructed from 3.7mm thick carbon fiber while the 3.7mm thick horizontal sections feature aramid fiber-made honeycomb material slipped between carbon fiber. These sections are coated with a larch veneer, resulting a 4.8mm thick shelving hidden with the 9.6mm thick outer shelving. When fully collapsed, thi...
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Twister Off-Road Vehicle Concept by Hankil Moon

There’s a famous two horns mountain (Yang-kak-san) in Korea with off road area that became the inspiration of this off-road vehicle: Twister. The environment has several challenges: rocky road, steep hill, and cross the river. From the very start, this vehicle was designed to meet 3 requirements: It has to have a minimum velocity of 20km/h in hardcore courses The design exposes rider to the nature The seat needs to be reactive the ground in order to let driver feel the terrain De...
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Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo Has Been Designed Based on Aeronautics and Speed

Hyundai has showcased its latest high performance sub-brand N during 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo represents Hyundai’s ability to enhance its high performance DNA, even though it’s designed for virtual game, the team paid attention to the very details. This ultimate concept car offers unique perspective on future performance characteristics, it’ll be available exclusively to PlayStation Gran Turismo video game series. The powertrain of this...
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Frontier Plus – Portable Woodburning Stove Can Be Installed in Tents, Teepees, or Small Cabins

Frontier Plus is an innovative portable woodburning stove that you can install in tents, tiny house, teepees, or outside for efficient outdoor cooking and heating. The whole set packs down to a portable size, making it easy to carry on your outdoor adventure. Setting it up is also very easy, it takes just minutes and you are ready to cook with multiple pans at once on the top. You can choose to remove the top late for direct heat or replace it for a more even heat. This portable stove feature...
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MP01 Mobile Phone : Modern Minimalist Dumb Phone

Smartphones are too complicated for you? MP01 is coming for Christmas. This is a much simpler phone that doesn’t demand much from you, it focuses on what matters as a phone, nothing more. it’s a simple mobile phone for smart communicators. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to get distracted by social media notifications, games, and many different apps. This phone does mobile phone basic functions: calling and texting, you won’t have to deal with multiple alerts, status updates, ...
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Collectors Cabinet by Jeremy Zietz

Collectors Cabinet features minimalist, unique design that begs you to be rotated where you can unlock its mysteries whether they are family jewelries or tokens from your adventures. It’s a beautiful creation, the carved inner wall offers you a special reward upon opening, the hull shape evokes that of travel and adventure. The unique pod shape attracts everyone to touch and curiously open it. Any heirloom objects should only be kept in such a curious cabinet. designed by Jeremy Zietz, a produ...
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Aero Gran Turismo Concept Car is a Tribute to The History of Aero Cars

Due to recent concepts from major automotive manufacturers for Gran Turismo video game, Michal Jelinek made an attempt to design his own version of a virtual racing car under the brand AERO. Aero was a Czechoslovak automobile, manufactured between 1929-1947. It was a well-known aircraft and car body company in Praha-Vysocany, but now, the company only produces aircrafts. Aero Vision Gran Turismo is a tribute to the history of Aero cars, it features cocoon shaped cockpit where the body structu...
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F008 Tokyo Music Centre by Fly Architecture

The world of music should be accessible to everyone, that’s why F008 Tokyo Music Centre has been designed with a full transparent building structure. This unique transparent solitaire offers nice views into the inner workings of the building to give passer-by the feeling just by take a look in. Classical and Jazz music should be restricted to the elite, hidden behind walls, it should be something for all people. Designer : Fly Architecture (more…)...
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Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill : Compact Grill with Spacious Area for Grilling

Camping is not complete without carrying cooking gear. Once you use Weber 121020 Go-Anywhere Charcoal Grill, you might not want to camp without it. It’s a compact, portable grill that makes great companion when you traveling. Even though it’s a compact grill, it actually offers pretty spacious area for grilling, large enough to grill 4 medium steaks at the same time. This unit is solidly engineered without any nuts or bolts, the porcelain enameled coating helps to prevent rust and fading. Yo...
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UBCO 2×2 Utility Bike Features Dual Electric Drive for Smooth, Quiet, and Optimum Performance

Ubco 2x2 is an electric utility bike that uses dual electric drive to help you with your work outdoors. It features a powerful yet lightweight “SuperX” frame that offers you great low speed control for stock handling when you’re doing your urban jobs. This bike has load capacity of up to 200kg and ability to adapt as you need it. It’s a utility bike, it’s been designed to be ready for any situation with attachment points for carrying variety of equipment your might need on your work ...
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