Futuristic Mars Rover Concept Vehicle : The Next Generation of Space Explorers

NASA has revealed its latest Mars Rover Concept Vehicle, it looks like something out of this world. Featuring impressive 28-feet long with the lab attached, 14-feet wide, and 11-feet tall, this vehicle is designed with massive, heavy-duty wheels, whi...
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Flip Flop Gas Cooker Ring by Bülent Ünal

Flip Flop Gas Cooker Ring was born out of the idea of creating an optional adjustment in gas cooker where it can heat various sizes of kitchen utensils. Flip Flop features adjustable feet/wings as its ring, making it highly usable for different diame...
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neWWave Superyacht Features Open Space Design Without Sacrificing Privacy

neWWave is a concept super yacht that represents the symbol of wealth and luxury. A super yacht is also known as one of luxury transportations, a five star hotel of the sea. neWWave project started with questions why most superyachts were designed to...
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BottleLoft Magnetic Strips Hold Beverage Bottles in A Cool Way

Father’s Day is near, one of cool gifts you can get for your man would be BottleLoft. It’s a set of magnetic strips that hold your beverage bottles in a cool way, suspended from the fridge ceiling. Having these strips inside your fridge will cert...
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SafeTrig – Emergency Desk Designed for Use in Seismic Areas

Designed especially for seismic areas, SafeTrig is an emergency desk that also provides safe shelter during earthquake. It’s a compact desk for students in the classroom. Using conventional desk, there are two main problems when earthquake happens,...
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Shard: Exercycle That Lights Up The Dark

Following the Merit Award win in the 21st International Bicycle Design Competition held at Taiwan earlier this year, Shard, from Artifact Design-Bangalore, comes as a fresh take on exercising and ambient lighting bundled up in one visually stimulatin...
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Entrofit M-5000 Wood Stove Produces Evenly Heat Distribution to Cook Faster

Entrofit introduces a little beauty for cooking when camping, Entrofit M-5000 Wood Stove. It’s an eco-friendly cooking stove that you can use when you are outdoors or during power outage, it’s been designed to be adaptable and be able to produce ...
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Wlip – Functional Water Bottle Clip for Easy Carrying

Drinking water bottle will never be the same thanks to Wlip, an unconventional accessory. Wlip is an accessory that attaches to the neck of your water bottle, allowing you to hook it to your backpack, your pants or whatever you want! Carry your water...
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Lucid Air Electric Car : A Fully Electric Sedan with World Class Performance

Lucid Air Electric Car takes unique approach to the drivetrain, the motor and transmission are designed to work together as an integrated system. This is an electric concept car that offers an unparalleled driving experience, it responds to the drive...
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Durable Kool Lightning Cable Features Nylon Braided Cable

Kool Lightning Cable is a durable, Apple certified high quality cable for lightning ports. As someone who already uses MicFlip, it’s safe to say that Kool offers a tangle-free cable, the 1-meter super strong nylon braided cable is very durable. No ...
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Rhei Liquid Clock Creates Beautiful Illusion Where Time Always Moves

A unique clock where time literally flows. Rhei is an electro mechanical clock that uses liquid display to tell time. Awesomely cool, this clock uses liquid in its pure, unrefined form, then controlled it in a manner that allows it to display tangibl...
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Basiani Falcon Off-Road Concept Car by Giorgi Tedoradze

Submitted by Giorgi Tedoradze, Basiani Falcon is an off-road concept car inspired by the aerodynamic body of a Falcon as well as its high speed dive. You can read his explanations below. Over the last few years in the world we see boom on SUV. Eve...
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Robo Worm: Silicone Tube Robot Moves Easy On Rough Surfaces

Construction workers sometimes need to check hard to reach area, this futuristic Robo Worm can help them to check any condition safely. Inspired by a caterpillar, this robot mirrors how that species moves, the motions of caterpillar’s circular musc...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Robotic

Atomic Bear Cobra Survival Bracelet : Stylish, Wearable Survival Kit

Don’t go camping without a survival kit, Atomic Bear Cobra Survival Bracelet would be a nice addition to it. It’s a wearable survival kit in form of a stylish bracelet, perfectly adjustable to fit most wrist size. By wearing this bracelet, it mea...
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Dji Spark Mini Drone Can Be Controlled with Hand Gestures

Can’t afford super expensive drone? Well, good news, DJI just has released its latest product, Dji Spark Mini Drone. It’s a mini drone yet it features all of DJI’s signature hi-tech technologies, you can seize the moment whenever you feel inspi...
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