OAXIS Glo Bluetooth Smart Body Analyzer : An Easy Way to Manage Your Health

Just one step on OAXIS Glo Bluetooth Smart Body Analyzer, the hardened glass surface would scan and identify you. It’s an intelligent analyzer and weighing scale that measures your health, the statistics will be sent automatically to your smartphone. This device would set a new standard in body analysis, with your smartphone help, you can improve your overall health, simply input your age and height, this device would measure your body mass index and total body fat percentage. There are 6 cust...
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Oh Rocking Multi-Functional Furniture Project for Child Care Center

Oh Rocking Multi-Functional Furniture has been designed as a project for child care center. It’s a special furniture that many parents should have when raising children in early childhood, it functions as a child entertainment as well as educational equipment. During the research process, the design team realized that the child care center didn’t have enough adequate toys and play environment, giving them the idea to come up with an object that can be used for different things. Inspired by a...
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Boeing Starliner-7 Concept Jet by Fraser Leid

The Boeing Starliner-7, a jet concept that is a testament to modern day aeronautics by incorporating nuances of futuristic design elements. Modeled from what the designer calls a “Plecostomethian” shape, he took his inspiration from a species of fresh water fish. It was composed in such a way as to push the technological boundaries of todays airliners, by making a resounding stylistic impact. The entire craft is constructed with a silver-titanium alloy, with steel fixtures for its major c...
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Moving Cube and Light&Time : A Concept Furniture Set for Small Space Apartment

Submitted by Joe Sardo, Moving Cube is the mobile smart desk that also functions as a ladder and container. It’s a nice multifunction furniture set for small space environment. Simply expand the table and fold out the chair when you need it, otherwise, you can simply keep this compact furniture piece at the corner of the room. Aside from submitting Moving Cube, Joe also sent us his latest concept lamp called “Light and Time”. It’s a cute hanging lamp set that is visible from any area of ...
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Air Monument : Self-Sustaining Atmosphere Database Skyscraper

Air Monument is a atmosphere database skyscraper to help people study better to find better solution for climate change. Realizing global climate is a growing problem, studying atmosphere components might provide the possibilities for us to learn the law of climate changing. This futuristic building is a conceptual skyscraper that keeps atmosphere samples automatically every year, as time passes by, it will become a library where people can do research on atmosphere components to find a better w...
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Portable Oxygen Generator Concept for Younger Generation

Targeting younger generation, Portable Oxygen Generator has been designed to provide you with medical equipment to maintain your healthy respirator system. This unit has been designed not only to provide you with ultimate comfort but also style. In order to do so, silicone material was chosen since it can withstand rough environment and the elasticity of the silicone can offer more strength. This unit is equipped with different colored lights, it emits subtle light to create different atmosphere...
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Sprite: Portable and Rugged Modular Tube Shaped Drone

Sprite features unique design that doesn’t look similar to exiting drones on the market. It’s a portable and rugged drone, perfect little gadget for active outdoor enthusiasts. This little drone is perfect for professional photographers or commercial operators that need to get the job done, this drone is not a toy, from the very beginning, it’s been designed to be a highly functional tool. Not only the design has all features just like popular drones on the market today but also they are a...
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BMW iR Concept Motorcycle for Future MotoGP racing

BMW iR concept motorcycle is a design study for future MotoGP racing. It’s an electric motorbike that focuses on mid-race transformation for enhanced performance. During a straightaway stretch of the race course, this bike features a long low profile, but as it approaches a turn, the fork angle lessens and the swing arm/shaft shortens to decrease the rake and raise its ground clearance to create an optimal cornering experience. The body features clean and simple design with minimal clutter,...
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Mesto Multifunctional Mortar and Pestle Enhances The Way You Flavor Your Food

MestoKitchen has submitted their later project to us: Mesto Multifunctional Mortar and Pestle. It’s a unique kitchen product that enhances the way you flavor your food at home. The company promises that you will get a well designed mortar and pestle that would blend perfectly into any modern kitchen. Each unit is crafted from beech wood, the ergonomic design has been carefully thought to ensure total ease of use. Mesto’s food-safe varnish helps to protect the wood from liquid absorption. Unl...
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Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case for Android and iOS Smartphones

Love modular phone but don’t want to replace your old smartphone? well, here’s the solution: Nexpaq Modular Smartphone Case. Instead of throwing away your phone, this case puts you in control by giving you access to add-on memory, an amplified speaker, battery capacity, and even more, right from your phone case. You can easily customize or enhance your smartphone features, think about Lego bricks, you can add and remove physical modules without powering down. Nexpaq phone case has built-i...
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Påhoj : A Child Bike Seat That Transforms Into A Stroller

Taking your toddler for a bike ride? With Påhoj bike seat, you can carry your baby easy. Furthermore, when you arrive at your destination such as the park, simply transform Påhoj into a stroller. Påhoj is a children bike seat and stroller in one, it saves you money and space, the handy attachment system allows you switching from stroller to bike seat as easy as a walk in the park. This product increases flexibility when you cruise around town, it doesn’t matter whether you choose to cycl...
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Zippo 4-In-1 Woodsman : Handy Multi-Tool for Camping

Do you often find yourself need to do some works when camping? Carrying Zippo 4-in-1 Woodsman in your backpack can be handy. It’s a versatile tool set that helps you to chop, saw, pound, and pull. It features 4 different functional tools: axe, bow saw, mallet, and stake puller, in this way, when you need to saw logs for campfire or hammer to setup the tent, this product can make your task easier. Not only it’s a handy camping tool, it also functions as survival tool. The bow saw can cut o...
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Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht Pays Hommage to The Bugatti Type 57

The Bugatti Atlantean Racing Yacht is a concept that pays homage to the classic automobile - The Type 57. Incorporating features that gave the vehicle an iconic stance in the automotive industry, its form blends streamline design from the 1930's with modernized aerodynamics. The design aesthetic was focused on a low center of gravity, which in turn gave it a better a racing appearance. The hull and its two side supports, are all submerged, creating a large footprint and aids in stabilizing th...
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Mementic Connected Pot by Fatemeh Bateni

Inspired by the pleasant childhood memories in her grandmother’s kitchen, Fatemeh Bateni has designed MeMeNtiC Connected Pot. Cooking together with your loved ones, enjoying delicious food, the smell … all of these create beautiful memories over time. This special pot connects people who love cooking together, it connects you to famous chef in different countries where you can learn to cook special dish. You can also re-create your childhood dish by connecting this pot to your family recipes...
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TZOA Wearable Enviro-Tracker Provides You with Air Quality Information in Your Environment

Do you have constant worry about air pollution around you? You might as well get TZOA, a wearable enviro-tracker that provides you with essential information about your environment. This smart tracker is equipped with sensor technology that detects UV exposure, air pollution level, and more. Pronounced “Zoa”, this small gadget joins the recent trend of wearable devices but with new approach, separating itself to new standard activity level and biometric measurements. Tzoa measures your perso...
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