MB&F Horological Machine N°8 Is A ‘Can-Am’ Inspired Watch

MB&F Horological Machine N°8 features Can-Am race car inspired design infused with distinctive angular form and optical prism displays. This watch has been designed with a curvaceous yet angular case, it has dual optical prisms, which vertica...
Posted in » Fashion, Watches

Pixel Cell Phone by Google

Google doesn’t carry Nexus brand on its latest phone. Google Pixel Cell Phone offers highest rated smartphone camera with a battery that lasts all day. This is also the first phone that comes with built-in Google Assistant. Pixel’s camera offe...
Posted in » Cell Phone

Qooltek Multipurpose Laser Measure Line with 8ft+ Measure Tape Ruler

This Qooltek Multi-purpose Laser Level comes in handy when you need tape measure or ruler to hang things and measure different stuff. Hanging pictures, laying flooring, hanging wallpaper, and many other things can be done a bit easier thanks to this ...
Posted in » Accessories, Domestic Aid

Futuristic Mercedes Benz Generation EQ Concept Car to Meet Growing Demands in Sustainable and Contemporary Mobility

Mercedes-Benz introduces Generation EQ, an electric concept car that boasts the appearance of a sporty SUV coupe. Mercedes-Benz wants to show you how electric cars can also move into the fast lane, it’s a preview of a new generation of battery-powe...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts, Mercedes Benz

Scrip Allows You to Feel Your Digital Cash Whether You Spend or Receive Money

Everything turns into digital nowadays, from pets, music, to money. Scrip offers tangible product for your digital money. Yes, even money changes from bills to cards, coins, and chips. Money is changing, so your physical money also turns into digital...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

iRig : An Inflatable, Ultra light Windsurf Rig

North Kiteboarding teamed up with NorthSails to create an innovative windsurf rig. The result is iRig, a lightweight and compact inflatable windsurf rig, it combines the best of both worlds, inflatable kite technology and the safety of a windsurfing ...
Posted in » Sports

Futuristic Iveco Z Truck : Next Generation of Zero Impact Concept Truck

Iveco Z Truck is a futuristic concept of a long haul truck, it breaks a way from the standard of a zero-impact vehicle to become a totally sustainable transport system. This truck has zero CO2 emissions, thanks to optimized Liquefied Natural Gas tech...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker with Absolute Stillness

Mars is a unique, true levitating wireless Hi-Fi sound system designed by Crazybaby. This technology displays beautiful fusion between music and design, it features levitating 360-degree sound projection that reduces sound wave absorption into surfac...
Posted in » Gadgets

Lazy Pad Takes Pressure off Your Body, Arms, and Shoulders While Lying on Your Stomach

Lazy Pad is an ergonomic pad to take pressure off your body, arms, and shoulders. Younger people these days – teenagers and young professionals – often assume the most peculiar poses when doing work on their mobile devices (including netbooks and...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts

Porsche Mission Formula E Concept Car by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut

Porsche wants to make batteries for Formula E, it is reported that the company has submitted a proposal to be the new battery supplier for Formula E (the all-electric racing series). FIA has started digging proposals back in March because they wanted...
Posted in » Cars, Designs and Concepts

Stepladder Chair by Stephen Kenn

A multifunction furniture design, well this stepladder chair represents its name clearly, it’s a chair that you can transform into a step ladder when you need one. Designed by Stephen Kenn, this original design is made from powder-coated steel comb...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Furniture, Interior Design

Que Bottle : Stylish Collapsible Travel Water Bottle

We’ve seen collapsible water bottle, but this time, Que Bottle offers modern design. It’s an innovative gear, featuring unique spiral design that collapses water bottle into half of its size. It’s a very practical, you can expand it into full-s...
Posted in » Food and Drink

Norse 80m Sail-Assisted Exploration Yacht with Maximum Self-Sustainability and Minimal Environmental Impact

Oliver Stacey Design has teamed up with BMT Nigel Gee to present you Project Norse. It’s an 80m sail-assisted exploration yacht, a rugged trans-oceanic exploration vessel that is capable of voyaging to both Poles to cross any ocean taking its passe...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Yacht and Boat

Residence K by Satoshi Itasaka

Situated in a quiet residential area, Residence K was built for a young married couple and their little son. The site is a symbolic location which can be described as an entrance to this residential area, located on the corner of a busy alley. Facing...
Posted in » Architecture, Interior Design

PocketCHIP : Handheld Linux Mobile Computing with Pico-8

PocketChip offers a retro hand-held games console in a compact form. This battery-powered Linux computer features a 480 x 272 touchscreen with a Qwerty keyboard. Yes, it has a compact size, but we don’t think it’s compact enough for your jeans po...
Posted in » Gadgets

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