70-foot Concept Cruiser-Racer by Nadia Lele

70-foot Concept Cruiser-Racer is a design study as part of Nadia Lele’s courseworks for her degree. The project brief was to design a conceptual design for a 70-foot boat, Nadia chose to use Lamborghini as her inspiration, but she wanted the boat t...
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Formula 1 2017 Rules Concept Design with New Halo Closed Cockpit Concept

The Turkish car designer Olcay Tuncay Karabulut has this vision of a halo closed cockpit. You can read his explanations below. I made this Formula 1 2017 concept race car to visualize what F1 cars could look like with a new halo closed cockpit. I ...
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WoodCruise – Outdoor, Rotating Lounge Furniture to Enjoy Sunbathing

Submitted by Luxury Dutch Luxury Design, WoodCruise is a beautiful outdoor lounge furniture made of solid teak wood and Swietenia mahogany. A masterpiece that offers pure quality to allow you to enjoy ultimate wellness while lounging and sunbathing, ...
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Wallit Wooden Wallet to Hold Small Amount of Cards and Bills in Style

Wallit is a wooden clip wallet to increase your outgoing convenient, it’s a durable wallet that is capable to hold small amount of cards and bills. It’s easy to carry due to its thin body and of course, it’s fashionable as well. Made of two pan...
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Honda Synergy Concept Off-Road Buggy by Darby Jean Barber

Honda Synergy is the result of Darby Jean Barber internship at Honda Advanced Design Studio. This concept electric vehicle features dual electric motor with extreme off-road buggy design to rekindle Honda’s heritage and love of racing. Through this...
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Odessa Street Benches : Modular Benches for Outdoor Public Parks

Any public park would look amazing with addition of Odessa Street Benches. These are modular benches made with different shape of modules, connected with pedestals. In this way, user can re-arrange these benches in a way that fit the landscape of the...
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Aqueous 120-meter Superyacht Concept Features Stainless Steel Accents to Add Elegant Touch

Aqueous 120 is a 120-meter superyacht concept designed by Facheris Design, Florida based design studio. Inspired by automotive industry where aerodynamics plays an important role in the actual design of the vehicle, the design team has designed a stu...
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SCALO: Prosthetic Arm Designed Specially for Rock Climbing

SCALO is a specially designed trans-radial prosthetic arm for the sport of rock climbing. At the moment, almost all prosthetics have been designed for general use, it doesn’t target specific task, unfortunately, for certain activity, user requires ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Life Science and Medical, Prosthetics

Enki Stove Wild : Portable Stove with High Power to Cook and Power Your Mobile Devices

Enki has launched a crowd funding campaign for its latest product, Enki Stove Wild. It’s a special stove with Enki technology that guarantees high power to cook and power your mobile devices. You can cook your favorite food anywhere you want, all y...
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BMW Motorrad Lac Rose Rally Motorbike Concept Is Modern Interpretation of Bike That Won Paris-Dakar Rallye in 1985

BMW Motorrad introduces Lac Rose Rally Motorbike Concept, inspired by Paris-Dakar Rally heroes and victorious BMW machines. Can you see the resemblance to BMW R nineT? It’s a new interpretation of that model, perfectly in line with the spirit of Wh...
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Wayv Adventurer Portable Food Heater Works in Any Environments

Outdoor adventurers, you can enjoy warm meal anywhere, thanks to technology from Wayv. Introducing Adventurer Portable Food Heater that works just like a microwave. This revolutionary technology has transformed microwave oven into a hand held device,...
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Le Mans 2030 Concept for Michelin Design Challenge 2017

Le Mans 2030 Concept Car has been designed for Michelin Design Challenge 2017, it aims to make car racing much more interesting. David Voltner, the designer, believes that due to the complexity of this sport, slowly but sure, people will lost interes...
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Balance Concept Earphones Are Designed with Braun’s DNA in Mind

Balance is a pair of concept earphones that are purely designed with the Braun DNA in mind. It’s a design proposal for the company that represents Braun's clean lines, perfect proportion and beautiful aesthetic in products. The smooth finish of ...
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SpeedOneSeat Concept Car for Urban Areas

Designed as a side project, SpeedOneSeat is a single-seater concept transportation to cruise urban environment. The SpeedOneSeat was a side project of the 3rd semester of my Transportation Interior Design study in Reutlingen, Germany. It is a small ...
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Leo Leather Beige Wooden Watch Features Brushed Leather Band

Do you prefer to wear conventional, round watch? Perhaps Leo Leather Beige Wooden Watch can be a great choice for you. The watch face is housed in wooden frame, made from 100% natural wood, completely free of toxic chemicals. We really love that nice...
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