Trailpod All-Terrain Holdall Moves Easily on Rough Terrain

Standard wheeled bags are not designed to go off-road, they would fall over when dragged across rough terrain. Trailpod is an all-terrain holdall with innovative wheels that can roll where no luggage has rolled before. This modular bag can go anywhere; thanks to its all-terrain wheels, this adaptable holdall can go around the world of grass, mud, gravel, and curbs. This travel bag features extra strong exoskeleton structure so that you can enjoy outdoor adventures at the fullest. Those 3 big,...
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SoelCat 12 Solar Electric Vessel from SoelYachts for Eco-Tourism

SoelCat 12 takes ecotourism to the next level, it’s a solar electric vessel for coastal water, lagoon, and inter-island transportation. According to World Tourism Organization’s study, ecotourism has been identified as one of the highest annual growth rates in the industry. One of the qualifying criteria defined by Global Sustainable Tourism Council, is to reduce transport related greenhouse gas emissions and to use renewable energy sources where possible. SoelCat 12 yacht has been develo...
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Sada Spokeless, Foldable Bike Without Sacrificing Its Dimensions for Portability

Not wanting to reduce the dimensions of the bike, Gianluca Sada has designed a spokeless folding bike, Sada Bike. Realizing the concept of folding bike usually focuses on reducing weight and dimensions that usually lead to smaller sized bike, Sada feels that small frames and wheels only means expense of stability just for the sake of compactness and portability. The smaller size of the frame sacrifices rider position while driving while the smaller wheels are affected by variations in terrain. T...
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eGroov All-Road Electric Scooter Moves Easily Almost On Any Terrains

Have a great outdoor activity wherever you are, eGroov would be a reliable vehicle on almost any terrains. Riding this vehicle you can embrace all-road electric freedom with style, those 2 powerful Electric Hub Engines would take you anywhere you want to go. Made out of premium existing parts (except the frame and mudguards), eGroov is very robust and available in limited numbers with unquestionable quality. It features All-wheel Drive System that takes you virtually anywhere, on any terrains, w...
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KTM Ion Concept Motorcycle for Urban Environment

KTM Ion has been designed to represents KTM’s vision of purity, adventure, performance, and extreme. It’s a modern motorbike for new audience. Currently, KTM motorcycles target relatively small audience, mainly professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts. The task here is to develop electric motorcycle to approach new target groups, urban commuters. This concept motorbike has been designed as a homage to traditional road bikes that use fixed frames without suspension, ION offers an extreme driv...
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Nissan City Electric Concept Car by Giorgi Tedoradze

Nissan City is a concept small electric vehicle, designed for two passengers. This design proposal aims for younger generation with high mobility, its size makes it easy to move around in urban environment while advanced technology makes it even more attractive vehicle. Space is pretty essential aspect to such compact car, that’s why this car is designed to be much higher. Car width is usually the problem for other drivers, because most of them find it difficult to measure the perception of...
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Google My Edit Brings You Closer to Google Marketing Online Tools and Services

My Edit is a smart product from Google aims to brings its business consumers closer to Google marketing online tools and services. It’s an interactive tool that blends innovation and brand to inspire new audiences, Google is no longer just a search engine but when you think of Google, we usually think of “Search”. My Edit aims to make business “think with” Google, that’s why Google provides their clients a cutting-edge digital-edge over their competitors. The idea of this project ...
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Myo Gesture Control Armband Controls Your Smart Device Wirelessly Through Hand Gestures

Always wanted to control your devices with hand motion? You know, just like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. Myo Gesture Control Armband might not be as advance as that gesture based interface system, but it’s similar. This cool armband allows you to control technology wirelessly through special gestures and motion. You can effortlessly control your phone, computer, TV, and many other devices simply by waving your hand. This smart device senses gesture and motion control then interprets what you...
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Ferrari ’91 Furia Concept Car for The Next Generation of F458

Ferrari ’91 Furia is a design study proposal for Ferrari, a concept electric sportscar designed by Italian Architect and designer Armin Senoner. Armin says that this car is a hybrid of the F458 and La Ferrari, but it features more aggressive lines than the F458.   The 91 Furia concept is a proposal for the next generation 458, but with a high-performance “La Ferrari twist” and completely revised aesthetics.   The vehicle will be powered by a hybrid drivetrain that pairs a KER...
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SPRITZ : Sports Water Bottle with Integrated Audio Speaker

A sports water bottle and an audio speaker merges into one, this is what Spritz offers you. It combines 2 important aspects that we need when workout into an elegant product, this water bottle integrates Studio Grade audio that can be wirelessly controlled from your smartphone. This rugged, smart water bottle can be a great companion when you do outdoor activities, the speaker features great acoustics, thanks to a wireless music player that’s designed and built with advanced audio technology. ...
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Piaggio Electric Bike Combines PMP Technology with Sleek and Modern Design

Piaggio joins electric bike market by creating a newer form of mobility that goes beyond the concept of an e-bike. The company promises the bike would provide innovative functions and new levels of interaction between cyclist, mechanical vehicle, and environment. Bike is a great solution that combines freedom and simplicity of travel and respects the environment and Piaggio Group has been known for its innovative mobility that offers freedom to entire generations. Piaggio Electric Bike Projec...
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Campinguard : Automatic Fire Extinguishing System for Camping Tent

Camping is fun, and of course, it’s not complete without campfire. Campinguard is a conceptual automatic fire extinguishing system to protect campers because when a campfire is not constructed properly, it might cause fire. When there’s a fire in a tent, the tent would be burnt down in less than 60 seconds, not to mention it might also cause a bushfire. This kind of accident usually occurs when we asleep, that’s why we need a fire alarm device and auto fire extinguishing system inside the ...
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Universal Picker Upper For Seniors With Robotic Arm to Pick Up Items Off The Floor

It’s good to hear from Avi Cohen again, a talented industrial designer who always submit cool projects. This time, he submitted Universal Picker Upper For Seniors. We developed this instrument as part of a community project we initiated. This device is using a technology that is being used in the robotics world. The universal robotic arm end-effector is being used here to help seniors with picking up small items off the floor. One of the most common complaints we hear seniors mentioning is th...
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Skreemr Concept Aircraft Features On-Rocket Space Launch System

Skreemr is a concept aircraft that could be the future of high speed aircrafts, it is designed to be launched at very high speed thanks to a magnetic railgun launching system. It is highly possible that we might be able to witness this concept turns into reality, right now, Scramjet engine designs are being developed by US and China. It might take years to see them on factory-built military drones, however, we believe that in not so distant future, these engines could be used to fly passengers a...
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LEVIS Faucet Concept Is Inspired by Organic Shapes of Leaves and Grass Blades

LEVIS faucet was born out of University project in cooperation with Grohe and Odörfer. This futuristic concept faucet offers a new way to wash your hands. It features an integrated touch surface and can be controlled by intuitive hand gestures while visual feedback is displayed through subtle LED backlights. Inspired by nature, the shape of this faucet is heavily influenced by the organic shapes of leaves and grass blades, can you see the similar characteristic here? It flows beautifully jus...
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