Aeronautical-Inspired Watch Concept by Germain Baillot

A futuristic, cool concept watch has been submitted by Germain Baillot, unfortunately, there's no name just yet for this project. Here is the watch I've designed inspired by the aeronautical sector. Its modern and innovative design will enable you t...
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Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard Features Split Space Bar and Naturally Arched Shape

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard features double cushioned palm rest that uses ultra durable version of Alcantara, a type of unique material sourced only in Italy. This special material provides aesthetic, sensory, as well as technical qualities ...
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Holmes Pipe Is A Modern Interpretation of The Iconic Sherlock Holmes’ Smoking Pipe

Holmes Pipe Design Proposal for Peterson of Dublin has been designed to celebrate 150th Anniversary of Peterson of Dublin, an Irish cigar pipe company famous for their high quality craftsmanship. Since this company is known for their Sherlock Holmes ...
Posted in » Accessories, Designs and Concepts

Hiveboard Surfboard by Manuel Chichorro

Hiveboard is a transparent surfboard developed with Koroyd. Using plastic extruded material that combines high compression resistance with lightweight and flexibility. Surfing would be much cooler and fun with this board, it is designed to be easily ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Sports

Morgan Aero 9 Concept Car by Giorgi Tedoradze

Morgan Aero 9, it is exclusive classic sport coupe Morgan Aero 9 concept. It’s a special project designed as a continuation to the glorious history of this British brand. Equipped with V12 engine, this modern sports car features classic shape for t...
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EMPWR Coat : Water-Resistant Jacket and Sleeping Bag in One

EMPWR coat is a water-resistant jacket and sleeping bag in one, designed specially for homeless people. This project was started by Veronika Scott when challenged to create a product to fill a need in her community during her class at The College for...
Posted in » Fashion, Outdoors, Protection

AGNI-HUTTE Wood Stove by Isao Suiz

AGNI-HUTTE Wood Stove features hybrid structure to achieve higher combustion performances better than any other top brands. Designed by Okamoto, this wood stove has been awarded with Good Design Award 2016 where the jury observed each entry carefully...
Posted in » Home And Kitchen, Stoves

A7 Fighter Jet : Futuristic Concept Jet with Timeless, Historical Design by Juan Garcia Mansilla

A7 Fighter Jet is a futuristic concept jet based on WWII aesthetics with advanced technology that we have now. As you can see, the result is awesome sci-fi jet that features historical as well as timeless design. Designed by Juan Garcia Mansilla, he ...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Jet

Roli Blocks : Modular Music Studio That Allows You to Create Music Easily

Roli BLOCKS offers modular music studio where anyone can shape music from beginners to world-renowned artists. Those artists can create custom soundpacks for blocks where you can build on the sounds they like, so yeah, you can be a musician as well. ...
Posted in » Gadgets, Music

Passus Wayfinder Concept by Subinay Malhotra

Passus Wayfinder is a concept of modern compass submitted by Subinay Malhotra. It aims to enhance the function and aesthetic of the classic compass. A product designed in order to enhance the aesthetics and functionality by focusing on the details a...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Gadgets

Eluma Lights Speaker System with 4 LED Balls to Set The Mood in Any Room

A cool addition to any party or special occasion, Eluma Lights Speaker System will set the mood in any room. This device is not just a speaker, it also offers color changing LEDs with up to 4 modes: lamp, mood light, beat, and party smart lighting. T...
Posted in » Interior Design, Lights

From Denmark with Love: Mate Foldable E-Bike Is Claimed to be World’s Most Affordable eBike

MATE e-bike is coming from world’s cycling capital, Copenhagen. It’s been designed to become world’s most affordable foldable electric bike, offering biker an experience the ultimate in cycling versatility. Each unit is designed in Denmark and ...
Posted in » Bike, Designs and Concepts, Folding Bike

Matrix PowerWatch – Smartwatch That Is Powered by Your Body Heat

No need to recharge, simply use your body heat to power MATRIX PowerWatch. It is world’s first smartwatch that is powered by your body heat, never have to worry if your watch runs out battery. It measures your activity level, calories burned, and s...
Posted in » Fashion, Sports, Watches

Cadillac TLR Truck Series Concept Design by Arthur B. Nustas

This project is a design study for Cadillac, offering a modern truck model infused with Cadillac’s DNA. Designed by Arthur B. Nustas, this project started as a quick sketch that turned into a full 6-wheel heavy-duty truck model. The extra large win...
Posted in » Designs and Concepts, Transportation

Boulon Blanc Transformable Table : From Dining Table to Coffee Table in One Second

Boulon Blanc is a transformable table, you can turn it from a coffee table to a dining table in just a second. It’s a modern table and highly functional with high quality components and materials. Instead of using X-based mechanism, this table uses...
Posted in » Furniture, Interior Design

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