NetPad-The Ultimate Mobile Computer for Future

The ultimate notebook NetPad is in the advanced design stage and is being sculpted considering direct feedback from different range of users. The main display comprises two info bar touchstrips that offers great convenience of spotting new email arrivals, changing songs and bringing up photos to the user. The retractable razor-thin keyboard allows the user to keep it away when not in use without making it too imposing. To make watching movies more exciting than ever, it contains an HD screen and features a media streamer that offers hi-fi sound when connected to a PC on windows 7 platform. Safe transport has been ensured through a carbon fiber lid that can keep the screen up by transforming into a stand when watching movies, or can be completely detached if someone would like to lay it flat.








Designer : T3

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stephen russell says: December 9, 2009

Now add removable keyboard & plugs for printers etc.

& shielded from elements & withstand drops from 50 ft up, then Im In.

& add I phone apps for screen.

Build this Acer or Dell.

tuvie fan says: December 11, 2009

Is the screen a touch? If not it be cool to have a matching mouse or touchpad! Love the design and futuristic aspect of having the keyboard really thin!

Kieran Alger says: December 15, 2009

For more info on the Netpad, head over to Your views can still help shape the Netpad project. Head over to help T3 – the creators of the Netpad.

ProNoob says: December 30, 2009

╔═ Stephen Russell said ═══╗

║ " Build this Acer or Dell." ║


I guess you didn't notice it has the huge "Medion" logo on it?

James Smith Jo&atil says: January 7, 2010

After we see Apple's iSLate, then we'll see how good this looks. For now, what does this do any other netbook or tablet PC doesn't.

music promotion guy says: February 20, 2010

looks cool but maybe a little thick.. JMHO

AridonPC says: March 31, 2010

before we know it there were be plenty of such cool PDA style personal computers will be flooded in the market

يوتيوب says: March 13, 2011

that is very nice

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