Mobilysis : Portable Dialysis System Allows Patients to Have Active and Productive Lives

People who have lost their kidney functions should have dialysis procedure at least 3 times a week in order to treat kidney failure. This treatment performs many things that usually are done by healthy kidneys, it can take like several hours to run this procedure, thus limit the ability for patients to have flexible lifestyle. Mobilysis is an innovative concept portable dialysis system for patients who don’t have the time to run dialysis procedure several hours 3x/week. Using this system patient has the freedom to decide when and where this blood cleansing process can be done.

Mobilysis consists of one flexible belt that separated into membrane compartments and filled with dialysis fluid with a hard shell front. There are integrated catheter connection and infrared cleansing unit as well. Taking advantage of our current technology, Mobilysis can be controlled using a smartphone application with comprehensive and intuitive possibilities or user can use the buttons to perform necessary functions located on the device itself. After each peritoneal dialysis cycle the dialysis fluid is cleansed in the technical section in readiness for the next cycle.

Designers : Maria Gartner, Dimitar Genov, Stefan Silberfeld and Nico Strobel

Mobilysis - Dialysis Made Portable by Stefan Silberfeld

Mobilysis - Dialysis Made Portable by Stefan Silberfeld

Mobilysis - Dialysis Made Portable by Stefan Silberfeld

Mobilysis - Dialysis Made Portable by Stefan Silberfeld

Mobilysis - Dialysis Made Portable by Stefan Silberfeld

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muh syafei says: June 13, 2012

harganya berapa ? what price is it ?

    Tuvie says: June 15, 2012

    It's only a concept

      Sangra Priya Logy says: December 9, 2016

      i would like to no more about this…how much?hw i cn get this?

Sandra says: February 17, 2013

when will it not be a concept?

Toni Martin says: May 30, 2014

When will this be available to patients as an option?

Jumer jurado says: June 25, 2016

Where can this be in the market? And how much it cost?

Israel Hernandez says: August 2, 2016

Went going to be in the market and how much goinv to cost

    Enrique Escarcega says: August 7, 2016

    Need more info please and need to know if medicare covers

Monserrat says: August 4, 2016

Is this just a concept or a reality? I’m deeply interested in this device and any information available would be of great help. Thanks.

Roberto Rubio Agurcia says: August 5, 2016

I’m really interesting to get more information about your product. Please let me Know son ad possible.

Adriana says: August 6, 2016

Please, let me know when will the Mobilysis will be a reality. Thanks

Wilson Nieves says: August 6, 2016

Im hemo Dialysis patient i need more info please thank

Georgina Jimene says: August 6, 2016

Please tell me if it’s. already available in Mexico and the price for it

Thank you

Jura says: August 9, 2016

This looks like it’s only a concept? But this will be very helpful if it becomes reality.

Cristián Alexis Martinez says: August 10, 2016

IRC suffer from this product makes the actions done in one session ??
– Remove liquid : by edema problem ??
– The required hours (4 to 5 hours) ??
– The cost and when will the market ??

Crispin Sanchez. says: August 10, 2016

I am interesting in the Divise.

Can you send mor informatiom please.

Like price and if it is available .

Thank you.

Samantha says: August 12, 2016

I an interesting

More information please is available ???

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