DibKit Diabetes Management System To Make The Lives of People with Diabetes Easier

DibKit diabetes management system has been designed due to skyrocketing health care costs for people with diabetes. This device was designed by people with Diabetes for people with Diabetes and has received red dot award for its high quality concept design. DibKit diabetes management system provides a new way to manage your diabetes care using simple and effective equipment that you can carry anywhere, anytime. Through their extensive research, they found out that dealing with Diabetes means that you have to be ready to handle any situation that may arise while current Diabetes supplies consist too many parts and pieces. It’s very challenging to come up with a solution to help people who suffer from diabetes to have better quality of life.

DibKit diabetes management system consists of DibKit Meter, DibKit Pen and DibKit Pump which together they provide fewer, smarter and more effective diabetes supplies.

Designer : IA Collaborative

DibKit Diabetes Management System

DibKit Diabetes Management System

[Press Release]
IA Collaborative’s connected Diabetes management system, designed by people with Diabetes for people with Diabetes, received the internationally acclaimed red dot award for high quality concept design. IA’s innovative, dibkit system design solution was developed to reinvent the way the world manages their Diabetes care, and was chosen by an expert panel of renowned judges from more than 3,500 entries, from 49 countries around the world.

“We’re honored to receive this award from red dot, and it inspires us to continue pushing forward our future-focused DibKit Diabetes Management System that can ultimately impact the 346 million people worldwide living with Diabetes. ” says Dan Kraemer, co-founder and Creative Director at IA Collaborative. “We remain deeply committed to designing and developing holistic medical device products that exemplify how user design will redefine personal health care management.”

IA Uncovers Design Insights Through User Needs
Utilizing IA’s User Driven DesignTM process used to uncover true consumer needs, IA strategically leveraged social media channels to engage adults, children and families dealing with Diabetes to share their stories, struggles, and needs through an online journal “Submit Your Kit” (http://submityourkit.tumblr.com/) and follow-up twitter conversations.

“As the mother of an active, and always-on-the-go 8-year-old boy with Type 1 Diabetes, I always need to be prepared. For us that means carrying A LOT of extra supplies as well as the basics,” wrote mother Alexis. “Diabetes is a disease that doesn’t stop for anything so we need to ensure we are ready to handle any situation that may arise.”

Through the user interactions, IA uncovered the dramatic need for better Diabetes care solutions. The team learned that current Diabetes supplies consist of too many parts and pieces and that constant logging, the most important step to managing the disease, can be a major struggle. IA utilized the challenges and pain points to provide strategic direction to solving people’s most challenging Diabetes care situations.

Fewer, Smarter Supplies & Effortless Management
Utilizing the strategic insights developed from social media research, the dibkit was designed to make people’s lives easier by consolidating testing equipment to a pair of linked devices that are easy and convenient to take anywhere, anytime.

The dibkit Meter is the first glucometer to integrate a lancing device and replaceable test strip cartridge. The device makes logging meals easy with barcode scan and photo-recognition. Data is constantly being captured and sent wirelessly via the dibkit cloud so it can be accessed by care providers and patients.

DibKit Diabetes Management System

The dibkit Pen is a compact, digital device, which automatically communicates insulin dosage to the dibkit Meter. Unlike current insulin pens that are disposed after each use, the dibkit Pen’s main body and cap are reusable and only the insulin cartridges are disposable. This benefits both patients and providers through less material use and production cost.

DibKit Diabetes Management System

The dibkit Pump is the most compact, unobtrusive, wearable option for receiving insulin, and is wirelessly controlled by the dibkit Meter. The pump is single use and can be worn for three days, with the low profile and flexible material allowing the pump to form smoothly against the contours of the body for a comfortable fit.

DibKit Diabetes Management System

DibKit Diabetes Management System

DibKit Diabetes Management System

DibKit Diabetes Management System

Ensuring Accessibility to Everyone
IA’s dibkit exemplifies how connected solutions extend into a better overall experience for patients, particularly when it comes to high medical bills and inadequate insurance coverage. Currently, the most advanced Diabetes management systems are not covered by insurance, as they’re not primarily used as medical devices. Many logging tools and even some glucometers rely on smartphones and additional software. The DibKit Diabetes Management System can be classified as a medical device, meaning that nearly all people can obtain the device through private insurance or Medicaid.

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