National Wildflower Center Competition Winner

National Wildflower Center organized a competition of designing an innovative, architecturally outstanding educational, conference and seed production compound in Knowsley and Ian Simpson Architects with Hoare Lea Engineers and Adams Kara Taylor Engineers has been declared as winners. Their powerful Fibonacci made spiral solution comprises a remarkable wild flower head focusing the conference center and a memorable and distinctive architectural statement ingeniously combined the design mathematical and organic themes. This compact building is adjacent to the North West border and extends a rounded sweep to the garden of wildflower which welcomes the visitors by its intimate internal and external ante spaces.

This innovative concept of Ian Simpson Architects will become a groundbreaking “green” exemplar, a favorite conference and visitor’s destination and an inspiring resource of mathematics education. The Fibonacci spirals will allow placing seeds on the seed head, leaves on a stem and petals on a flower as well as will help people to understand the relationships between nature and mathematics. The structure of entering the flower head will be an encouraging experience over the countries by showing how architects, artists and engineers have used the numerical sequences and simple angles found in wildflowers. This design is now being considered as an excellent addition to the National Wildflower Center.

wildflower centre competition winner

wildflower centre competition winner

Designer : Ian Simpson Architects, Adams Kara Taylor Engineers, and Hoare Lea Engineers via [Bustler]

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