MINUS Garbage Bin Will Remove Bad Smell and Bacteria

Minus is a concept frozen garbage bin that is able to take all types of organic trash and freeze it. As this product uses cooling grid, there will be no bad smell and pollution at your place and frozen garbage will stop leaving ruins around. Moreover, the antibacterial UV light eliminates all the bacteria as well as prevents them to replicate. The transparent cover will allow you to see the inside space status from outside so that you can know if it’s full or there is available space for more garbage. The blue light will create a nice ambiance in your place and the inner temperature can be controlled from the control panel placed in the body of Minus.

minus ecologic kitchen

minus ecologic kitchen

minus ecologic kitchen

minus ecologic kitchen

Designer : Cem TUTUNCUOGLU

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nobrainerdeals says: May 29, 2009

Man this would be great for my father in law who fishes all the time. The fish guts always get rotten and stink up the yard.

Will says: June 1, 2009

Ok..How do we buy it :)

gretchen baclaan says: July 19, 2009

how much the product?

Ritta says: August 4, 2009

..How do we buy it,how much

skeptic says: December 7, 2009

The refrigerator is usually the number one appliance in most households when it comes to electricity consumption, but we've got to preserve our food somehow. Very cool concept, but I doubt it would fly. Cost to operate this trash can would far exceed it's benefit. Much more economical to just throw out the trash every night.

denise says: June 11, 2013

soooo good! where to buy it?

rachel says: November 20, 2013

where do you buy???

samantha says: February 22, 2017

how much is this?!?!

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