Lavender Cell Phone Concept Looks Like A Luxury Perfume Bottle

Here comes the new Lavender cell phone design as the symbol of beauty and stylishness. The design offers a clean look and simplicity because the front of the device is accompanied only by the speaker and the home button. The back side of Lavender phone looks like a perfume bottle with specification labels and feminine design concept. There are a variety of accessories incorporated with this innovative device such as USB connector with magic latch system and perfume dispenser with refillable facility etc. The lights on this graceful cellphone pulsate when used in a dark location.

samsung lavender aroma phone concept

samsung lavender aroma phone concept

The aroma of lavender is a universal symbol of beauty and elegance. The Samsung Lavender is the translation of this beauty into a physical form. Therefore, the design of the Lavender can be enjoyed by anyone, just like the perfume of Lavender.

The lines of the device are clean, fluid and wrap the device in harmony. The design displays ideal proportions and simplicity. This form is wrapped in a deep violet color, showing notes of warm pink. The “home” button is crafted in a ruby color, and like a gem, wonderfully sparkles light.

samsung lavender aroma phone concept

samsung lavender aroma phone concept

samsung lavender aroma phone concept

Designer : Andrew Kim via ProductDesignForums

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eric says: October 27, 2008


Mi says: October 29, 2008

looks amazing. I love the theme too

Shawn Privett says: November 5, 2008

When does this Lavender Concept Cell Phone come out in the United States and how much is it going to cost? Also what type of phone company is the phone going to be on?

ttoks says: May 5, 2012

very nice concept!!

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