Eden Motoryacht Design by Daniel Hahn

Here comes something amazing and stylish for your honeymoon. The Eden is a luxury motoryacht concept by Daniel Hahn who is a professional designer from Germany. Eden is a 21 meter fast Motor Yacht intended to evoke desirability, freedom and personal space. This Yacht is made up of two primary materials including lightweight carbon fiber and wood. It offers a sleek, Fish-shaped and proportioned look with its overall shape as slippery as possible. This concept will soon come into reality for use.

eden private luxury speed yacht

eden private luxury speed yacht

eden private luxury speed yacht

eden private luxury speed yacht

Designer : Daniel Hahn

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One thought on “Eden Motoryacht Design by Daniel Hahn

  1. Very radical, clean design, Id charter this & needs:

    biofuel engines for power & azipod thrust modules stern or near midships.


    Turn 360 arc.

    Super shape.

    Love the bow, the Navy should consider it for Destroyer hull designs if Hydro efficent though

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