HeatLiner Solar Heat Cooker To Replace Traditional Way Of Cooking Using Firewood

Traditional cooking method is rely on firewood and charcoal. Most people living in African countries still use the firewood as their cooking fuel. In order to create firewood, they cut a lot of trees and destroy the ecosystem unconsciously. Hot-Liner is a good device to replace their traditional way of cooking. It is a solar heat cooker that can charge itself using the solar heat and convert its charged energy for cooking. It is specifically designed with flexible battery and long flexible solar cell to make it possible to change its shape depending on the intensity of flame and size of the bowl.

Designer : Yonggu Do, Sukhoon Hong, and Eunha Seo via [DesignBoom]

Hotliner Flexible Solar Energy Cooker

Hotliner Flexible Solar Energy Cooker

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Sloane says: September 24, 2010

I would for sure buy this!

Pawel says: January 8, 2011

Czy to dziaƂa ? Does it work ?

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