Guru Tap Eco Friendly Faucet

Guru Tap eco friendly faucet has pretty weird name don’t you think? Well, master means Guru in Hindu terminology and this amazing ‘Guru Tap’ is named after that. It is designed by an Italian Designer, Ernesto Messineo who is based in Milan and is hoping to see this design on the top of the whole new generation of faucets or taps and fittings. This Guru Tap provides you the opportunity to save water also deliver enough water to use. As you can see in the picture that it directs water flow in an unusual way because water first goes up and then down. The top of the tap is designed from a tinted but transparent material that allows you to see the way water flow through the faucet.

guru tap eco friendly faucet

guru tap eco friendly faucet

guru tap eco friendly faucet

guru tap eco friendly faucet

Designer : Ernesto Messineo

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Tanya says: April 21, 2009

what is the price for the guru tap?

sandhiya says: January 18, 2013

can anyone tell me the address of guru tap fittings in chennai ?

vickss says: April 29, 2013

I have heard a lot about watersense labelled faucet for water conservation. Guru's eco friendly tap can be in that direction as well.

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