Future Girls and Robotic Asistants

Futuristic robotic assistants, designed by Franz Steiner really jaw-dropping at first sight. They predict what kind of media gadgets that would be available in the future, including self-renewing newspaper, virtual maps, and probably virtual goggles. How about robotic personal assistants ? They look pretty reliable to help you with your job or even when you need a friend to have fun with (hopefully they can clean house too). I definitely want one of those Robots !

future virtual goggles

future robotic assistant

future robotic assistant

future gasoline

Source : Blutsbrueder via psfk

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Jessica says: October 15, 2008

This sounds so cool…but ive seen irobot and i got kind of spooked….but would definitely be Awsome….5 stars

Eden says: October 25, 2008

Yep!realy nice idea.it`s like the realisation of irobot.

tony says: November 7, 2008

what year is this in

    Pedro says: December 2, 2012

    no i would not take advice from a raondm stranger i met on the street. but i would take advice from someone who has a blog about AI and seems quite insightful.And I clearly would not just make decision based on only on one opinion. I would so research on my own before investing. It just helps to have a full discloser included to know what has influenced a writer and if he has a another agendas.

Lauren says: November 21, 2008

That would be awesome…but the idea does remind me a little of iRobot. ((Maybe the design?)) I like the idea, but I think if these do come out there is going to have to be some serious planning and programming done, loop-holes are not fun.

CC says: December 1, 2008

Take the robots, I take the girl.

josue says: February 6, 2009

ke will i think you sould make a fliying car.

Dan says: September 19, 2010

Ok I'm mixed but may I ask why aren't there ever any black people in the future concept ideas. Are they really that bad that they plan to eradicate all other minority races… I always only see caucasians. Do people know that other races are also making these inventions and Ideas wtf?

    ttyl says: October 25, 2012

    because everyone thinks blacks are to poor or snobby without even getting to meet them and when u see a white or caucasian everyone thinks they are the most beautiful women ever but truly IDK

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