Forest Fire Clear Cut Robot Concept by Jordan Guelde

Technology has presented us various megastructures to make our lives better and Forest Fire Clear Cut Robot is one of such massive creation that is designed to make clear-cut paths in an on fire forest to prevent the blazes from spreading by cutting large quantity of trees at a time. It’s true that with the combination of around 600 individual parts, the first look of this robot will create fear inside you but this useful robot will serve mankind as a savior of immense fire damage. This futuristic concept robot design was an independent study project and it took over 6 months to complete.

clear cut forest fire robot

clear cut forest fire robot

clear cut forest fire robot

clear cut forest fire robot

clear cut forest fire robot

clear cut forest fire robot

clear cut forest fire robot

Designer : Jordan Guelde

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Roque says: May 20, 2009

what do you do with vegetal carbon after cleaning? I like the concept but it may be used as a fertilizing, to help the recuperation of the affected area, it reminds me the goblin machine of the warcraft 3 :)

stephen russell says: May 21, 2009

Other Apps:

Fire fighting


Clear debris due to flooding

deter landslides by erecting barriers

damming rivers, temporary

clear garbage & debris

Airport fire fighting

Dig trenches

bury power lines?

build cement dams?

& all from Manned Module or remote control pod.


PR for project:

Sci Fic Channel movies

Sci Fic Conventions

Robotic shows

Hi Tech shows

CalTech, Pasadena CA

Local TV


Link to other robotic projects.

1/2 scale mockup made & operational for Demo use

Use by City Fire Dept IF modified for use.

danny says: May 23, 2009

yh nice would be a real help in the

world for this to be made but what

happens if the robot mainfram melfuctions

and it goes nuts u gotta think

of the dangers to if this was relesed

on the world would danger also be relesed

with the help ur trying to make i think be good

but deadly too if was in wrong hands too

Brad says: May 24, 2009


This has to be done. I don't care how, and I don't care how well it works. It has to be done.

Somehow. Anyhow. Just, please: make it happen, Rich People.

Daniel Shankland II says: July 15, 2009

@ russell – funny you should say "Rescue" because its sister bot is a rescue version…

I'm the Co Designer on the project and you can see the Rescue version at:

and thank you to everyone for featuring our work!

Dan Shankland II

frank says: July 28, 2009

lol @ brad. this should be done! ask some famous movie stars to finance it. i think zac effron would commit to it.

V says: November 15, 2009

Why the humanoid shape? Is it the most effective or just an anime tribute?

Jesse says: July 11, 2011

It's wide stance and big feet make it look quite stable when standing but those legs are so far apart that it looks like it would have to move it's legs very quickly or it would fall over. Even then it would be a clumsy jarring ride for an operator in the cabin. It can not stand and lift one leg at the same time which is a feature that makes walking much easier.

Have you considered adding two to four more legs or using tank treds instead of legs?

andrew says: September 10, 2015

these things are cool make them soler powerd

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