Boeing’s Groundbreaking 787 Dreamliner Airplane

Aside from keeping its size traditionally big, Boeing has more emphasized the 787 Dreamliner interior this time. With its unique split-level ranch with wings, the Dreamliner is a plane that can fly literally high with all the luxuries beyond someone’s dream. The plane features plenty of rooms in the cargo bay zone such as a master bedroom, bath with freestanding tub, guest suits, a conference area, a gourmet kitchen, a large-screen movie theater, a cocktail bar, office space, and many more. The floor of the cocktail bar features a glass made transparent area through which passengers can check their cars stowed belowdecks.

boeing 787 dreamliner airplane

boeing 787 dreamliner airplane

boeing 787 dreamliner airplane

boeing 787 dreamliner airplane

boeing 787 dreamliner airplane

boeing 787 dreamliner airplane

Designer : Rain Noe via Core77

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Remberto Beltran says: December 10, 2009

This is ridicoulously cool, even though only the super rich would be able to afford this.

stephen russell says: December 11, 2009

Love to charter this jet, OK Virgin Pacific & Atlantic Airlines, Radical, OK Jetblue.
The above is the Exec model vs Airline model.
Now boost speed to 800 mph.
For TransPac runs alone.

lifted diesel trucks says: December 11, 2009

It is Well furnished & doing best utilization of place. I think this is the way utilizing place.

tuvie fan says: December 11, 2009

This is really awsome! I would love to in it, even though I have never flown before. The furniture is cool.

Randall Halton says: December 18, 2009

787 BJ is on its way, and multi style cabin configurations are in the plans as shown. Nice to see advancement.

Charter Jet says: February 23, 2010

Wow! it’s state-of-the-art design is very beautiful. truly amazing!

Lone - 117 says: May 10, 2011

One day, I'll get one of those or I'll just throw money out to make one for myself.

mahmood sameem says: December 24, 2011

Really beautiful wish we could have it in ariana afghan airlines

stephen russell says: January 18, 2013

Like this radical private jet & that garage module under main deck
Reminds of Pvt jet from TV show The Magician from 70s, which had Vette hidden inside then a 707 or 720 jet for TV show Then
Love the interior styles & colors.

2 bad FAA had to pull 787s due to faulty battery issue on ANA 787 flight.

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