BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics with Sleek and Smooth Design

The Vision EfficientDynamics is a concept vehicle for future by BMW which is a low carbon hybrid supercar aiming to achieve the premium end of the auto market with its fuel-efficient design. A three-cylinder turbodiesel engine is empowering this vehicle supported by a couple of electric motors. This car can go 0-100 kilometers per hour in just 4.8 seconds with a top speed of 250 kmph and consumes 3.76 liters of diesel per 100 kilometers. It features an electric mode for day to day use that can be charged through plug-in module. The vehicle stores the power it lithium polymer cells, allowing it to drive for roughly 50km on a single charge, which can be extended through its regenerative breaking system.

bmw vision efficient dynamic

bmw vision efficient dynamic

The sleek and smooth design of this car with a visage can easily call out for anyone’s attention. It can house 4 people and natural materials have been utilized to design the interior. Both the drag coefficient and weight of the vehicle is optimized by redistributing and reducing the weight to maximize the energy efficiency and improve driving ability. Both the door and roof inserts become opaque as a final touch, which reduces the amount of glare coming to the vehicle.

bmw vision efficient dynamic

bmw vision efficient dynamic

bmw vision efficient dynamic

bmw vision efficient dynamic

Designer : BMW via Inhabitat

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Jefferson P. says: September 3, 2009

That is simply amazing. I've owned about 3 BMW's in my lifetime so far but this one is totally amazing. I can't wait to see how BMW changes their cars in the next 10-20 years.

stephen russell says: September 4, 2009

BMW produce this, I want this one.

To Rent & drive.

Way 2 cool.


Sweet sick ride.

Use in GI Joe 2 movie, 007.

Produce this please

Liam Quinn says: September 5, 2009

I absolutely love this car. Could see myself driving one. Love the 'hovering' tail lights. Doesn't look too futuristic though. The tail lights would probably have to be changed for production unfortunately but I love all the glass and the fact that it works like transition lenses is great.

mohammad says: October 24, 2009

thkk for document,
pls send each new to my email.
ex for mistack in my type.

ashish says: August 18, 2010

its the best car…….

clift6on says: March 29, 2012

best car i ever seen in my whole life i want it as my graduation gift or prom gift

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