Sonictek Atlantis Tracking Device for Scuba Divers

The Sonictek Atlantis is a concept tracking system that is specially designed for Scuba divers to be used when they are underwater. The system has been designed to help a diver to locate his or her partner if they would ever become separated from each other while underwater. It is made of two devices, one is the transponder which tags with the air tank and the other one is the wrist watch like receiver unit. The transponder sends out acoustic signal after every 5 seconds generated from the acoustic pinger located inside the transponder. It also receives the signals from the other transponder that is attached with the partner diver’s air tank. The receiver unit shows the information from the transponder to the diver through radio frequency waves.

sonictek atlantis

sonictek atlantis

sonictek atlantis

sonictek atlantis

Designer : Kenneth Seeto

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10 thoughts on “Sonictek Atlantis Tracking Device for Scuba Divers

  1. i think it would be logical to keep it on the diver instead of the tank, which you perfectly illustrated.

    good idea definitely useful! good job

  2. Apps for:

    USCG Rescue divers


    Harbor Rescue

    Scuba schools

    Scuba tourisim.

    Marine research


    Group scuba dives

    US Navy use.

    Produce this & test in HI, PR, FL, Med Sea, Australia.

  3. That’s a very useful device and can really save lives! I was trying to find this thing in scuba shops – but there were nothing. Could someone tell me the right address how to get it or I should contact manufacturers website?

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