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Aulis Harvester by Niko Kugler and Georg Heitzmann

Aulis is a latest and innovative attempt to protect the floor of the forest. The main goal of developing this machine is to treat the sustainable forest floor as well as the forest itself. Additionally, it can optimize the work process of the users. This concept is based on an analysis of a service provider who is using a forest tractor or a harvesting machine to perform this job. After researching different conditions, the designers were able to outlay the features that must need to include in the vehicle. The result of this research is Aulis, which can optimize the work process as well as providing continuous protective treatment guarantee of the forest floor.

aulis harvester

aulis harvester

Text from Niko and Georg :
Aulis Harvester – “Development of a ground protecting forest machine”

The purpose of our creation is the sustainable treatment of the forest ground and the wood, as well as the optimization of the work sequences of the user. The base of our concept is the analysis of the work flow of the service provider with the harvester, as well as the analysis of the work flow of the farmer with the forest tractor.

With this Knowledge we could develop features in the vehicle which contribute to the optimization of the work process and guarantee a lasting protecting treatment of the forest ground.

aulis harvester

aulis harvester

aulis harvester

Designer : Niko Kugler and Georg Heitzmann

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Niko says: April 18, 2009

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