Vespa Plus : The Next Generation of Italian Electric Scooter by Giorgi Tedoradze

Vespa Plus is a vision of Giorgi Tedoradze about modern Vespa scooter for young generation.

Everything started in April 1946 when we first saw Italian brand Vespa. It was a new type of simple scooter and it soon became popular. But now everything changes. There are other challenges in the modern world that no one can answer except the few manufacturers. The mission is simple as Vespa scooters. We have to create a new generation Italian electric scooter. It must be technological, modern and ecological. Here, Vespa will once again surprise the world. Please welcome the new eco-friendly scooter Vespa Plus.

Designer: Giorgi Tedoradze

Vespa Plus by Giorgi Tedoradze

Vespa Plus by Giorgi Tedoradze

Plus is bigger and much more comfortable. To make the electric scooter big range more space was needed for elements. Braking energy is not lost and used for charging elements. This technology today increases price of product, but in the future it will be much more accessible. There is also a new toolbar, that is a round touch screen like iPad. The driver tracks the navigation information on the screen, but the location can be changed from the smartphone. The new Vespa is special not only for technology and design but also for its individualism. A wide choice of colors and materials will give any client more freedom. This is real Vespa! It was never only just a transportation. Vespa is a freedom, Italian design, and style. Now it’s main inspiration for the new generation eco-friendly scooter!

Vespa Plus by Giorgi Tedoradze

More images of Vespa Plus:
Vespa Plus by Giorgi TedoradzeVespa Plus by Giorgi TedoradzeVespa Plus by Giorgi TedoradzeVespa Plus by Giorgi TedoradzeVespa Plus by Giorgi Tedoradze

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