USBLink : The Hermaphrodite USB Dongle

USBLink symbolizes human relationships in a very graphic and direct way. The “male” end acts as a pendrive and the “female” end acts as USB port. The male end has also a rotating cap to protect it and once it’s in the opened position it resembles the male gender sign. The concept is not only elegant, but also cute and very useful, because this way you’ll never waste a free port to increase computer’s capacity. You can connect unlimited USBLinks together and even connect PCs using bridged USB cables. It’s still just a concept, but once it’s manufactured it would be a perfect gift for your beloved one. The only flaw noticeable is that there is no gay/lesbian version but I think that won’t be so useful in a computer point of view.

Designer : Kaan Kiris





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2 thoughts on “USBLink : The Hermaphrodite USB Dongle

  1. Usb dongles color and shapes looks nice!!! Can’t wait to got one for mine. I hope it’s very different from all. Thanks for this allocation!!!

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