SeaScape Floating Villa Features Stylized Triangular Pontoon Base

Coastal living concept has been unveiled by BMT Asia Pacific that offers you unique experience, more than style and luxury. SeaScape is concept of floating villas that boast open air spaces and clean lines, each villa is housed on stylized triangular pontoon base where guests can choose to enjoy a standalone villa or combine each module to create a larger integrated complex. Modules can connect together edge to edge, creating a number of possible arrangements.

In 2013, BMT developed a series of egg-shaped floating villas and beach cabins called Sea-Suit, SeaScape is the new modular sister of that project. Since there are many interests in Sea-Suit from homeowners as well as developers across oceans, BMT has made changes to the SeaScape design in order to provide solution to logistical challenges of long distance shipping and installation at remote sites. This new series of floating villas represent that luxury can come from simple yet elegant modular design. The main feature of SeaScape lies in its superb underwater bedroom where 4m-diameter cylindrical room made from high-grade acrylic can be installed within SeaScape, giving a unique resort experience on the market.

Designer : BMT Asia Pacific

SeaScape Floating Villas by BMT Asia Pacific

SeaScape Floating Villas by BMT Asia Pacific

All pre-fabricated parts of SeaScape can fit into standard shipping containers, allowing for simpler and more cost-effective construction. All materials have been carefully selected to ensure high quality fabrication and finish, thanks to BMT’s experience in naval architecture and offshore engineering.

SeaScape Floating Villas by BMT Asia Pacific

SeaScape Floating Villas by BMT Asia Pacific

SeaScape Floating Villas by BMT Asia Pacific

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3 thoughts on “SeaScape Floating Villa Features Stylized Triangular Pontoon Base

  1. awesome, ideal sites for would be:
    Truk chain

  2. Features Id add
    Mini Sub dock
    diver acess dock
    storage dock for shuttle to shore runs
    Tarps to keep sun & heat down on deck
    Outdoor showers?
    Deck crane for supplies.
    Storage module
    Fuel cell module.
    Helipad communal for say 10 Units.
    Bridge to shore IF close to shore??
    Underwater observation nodes: Seaside models only.
    Deckside bar & BBQ area.
    Swimming area.
    Acess watercraft dock.
    Solar array

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