Roll n’ Roll Your Ring to A Chopstick or A Straw

Roll n’ Roll is a concept tool made of flat piece stainless steel with a dimension of 200mm x 23 mm and 0.3mm thickness which allows it to bend or curl in every direction. When you will curl it in X axis direction, it will become a circlet. Curling it in Y axis will result a tube that can be used as a straw or a chopstick and thus you will be able to eliminate the extra expense for disposal straw and chopsticks. Moreover, this environmental friendly effort will increase your outdoor eating experience. If you curl up this stainless steel piece, it will generate elastic force that can be used to surround your wrists for better blood circulation and can be stored easily.

roll n roll utensil

roll n roll utensil

roll n roll utensil

Designer : Jacky Wu Tung Chih

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