Redesigned Ketchup Sachet Packaging for Dipping or Squeezing

Submitted by Ameya Mistry, this ketchup sachet packaging design allows for easier way to dispense the ketchup without spilling all over the place. Ketchup sachets that we find in many fast-food restaurants use foil and plastic which are fused together. Unfortunately, these materials can’t be separated and make it hard to recycle, most of them end up in landfills.

The existing sachet design is also not that comprehensive where we aren’t able to use it properly. According to Mistry’s research, most people prefer to dip their food in ketchup yet it’s impossible to do so from the packaging. The ketchup needs to be taken out on a paper, a plastic up, or a plate.

This new design of ketchup sachet has to meet three aspects: easy to use, eco-friendly, and inclusive. The sachet packaging has to satisfy both types of users who prefer to dip and those who prefer to squeeze it out.

Ketchup Sachet Packaging Design by Ameya Mistry

Utilizing trapezoid in shape, the new design is able to fix two issues at the same time: inclusive and easy to use. Unlike cuboid, trapezium shape offers two parallel sides which are of different size, it has funnel-like structure with a wider opening on one side and narrower opening on the other. The wider opening can be used for dipping, the other one for squeezing.

Ameya Mistry explains this packaging has tear notches that guide in tear initiation. When the package is torn, starting from the notch in order to open it, it helps to solve the tendency where sachet could tear in unexpected direction. Using Polypropylene material, this packaging is high resistant to acids, cracking, electrolytes, and organic solvents. It is also 100% recyclable. Btw, the McDonald’s logo is used for inspiration purpose only.

Ketchup Sachet Packaging Design by Ameya Mistry

Ketchup Sachet Packaging Design by Ameya Mistry

Ketchup Sachet Packaging Design by Ameya Mistry

Ketchup Sachet Packaging Design by Ameya Mistry

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