Primavera Helmet for Scooter Generation Today

primavera helmet

Primavera Helmet, designed by Sebastian Hess, is a key product of the latest high quality helmet array for the recent scooter generation. This open face, easy and casual helmet provides 180° visor that meets classic elegance. The clearly defined design has reduced to the essential components only and the style combines the legendary past with latest appearance. Innovation and vision, tradition and future, engineering and design are the main factors of this sustainable product. The main goal of designing this product is to provide excellent safety to the new generation scooter riders with a brilliant outlook that will attract the attention of all range of bikers.

primavera helmet

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The Primavera helmet revives a legendary past and represents the birth of the new brand NZI by Hess Design. In its design and performance the helmet plays with citations and references to the exceptional Vespa 50 Special, the style icon of the 70`s. The minimalistic aesthetics of the Primavera refers directly to the mystic Vespa-models of the 70`s. These style icons were the base for the new developed helmet with its innovative features and its easy and safe use. New standards in terms of urbanity and innovation are set by creating a complete Primavera edition containing helmet, gloves and scarves.

primavera helmet

Quality is no longer enough. Today a product or a brand is perceived as new only if its functionality and its materials are innovative. Tradition and future, innovation and vision, engineering and design unify and peak in an “honest” and sustainable product without loosing the base of creating innovative, technical and protective apparel. The ambition of the cooperation between NZI and Hess Design is to develop and create new charming products. Essential elements therefor are the intensive investigation of user scenarios and the vision of creating sustainable and innovative products. NZI and Hess Design develop products for seekers of beauty, for people with consciousness looking for high quality products.

primavera helmet

Sportiness, dynamic and elegance in all their plainness are the key features of the Primavera. Clearly defined lines that are reduced to the essence underline the character and style consciousness. Their forms and their flow give hints to some new key features. The front of the Primavera with its playful swinging lines and the decorative air-inlets refer to hairstyles and hat fashion of the 60`s. The rear section with its metallic air-outlets rather speaks an automotive language and makes sure the helmet in its appearance is well-balanced. The 180° rotatable visor marks the heart of the helmet. Different shaped and toned visors can be attached to the patented helmet fixation tool-free via magnetic system in just a second.

The fusion of traditional, classical elegance with young, fresh and easy streetwear effects an exciting and charming impression. Deep satisfaction and intimate gratification will be experienced by every Primavera user. Desire of spring, desire of style awakes in all seekers of beauty. Primavera represents the initial of a new lifestyle that can be lived. Primavera, the helmet for the high tech community of tomorrow.

Designer : Sebastian Hess
Photography: Jörg Baumann

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