Pininfarina, Oceanco, and Lateral Have Teamed Up to Design KAIROS Superyacht Concept

First time collaboration between Pininfarina and Oceanco, a custom yacht builder, with Lateral Naval Architects, has resulted in Kairos, a battery-powered superyacht. This superyacht is designed to focus on life on-board without boundaries and developed around an E-Hybrid propulsion system. This yacht uses batteries as its main source of energy.

Designed and create in harmony with Oceanco’s NXT initiative on sustainability and innovation. Kairos demonstrates how current technology can pave a new way to create the future of sustainable yachting.

Pininfarina and Oceanco Has Teamed Up to Design KAIROS Superyacht Concept

Marcel Onkenhout, Oceanco’s CEO, explains that Kairos hybrid superyacht provides remarkable vision shared by three passionate, forward-thinking partners, Pininfarina, Lateral, and Oceanco. Anyone who sees Oceanco’s NXT on a luxury yacht design realizes that they can expect elevated standards of life onboard with new perspectives of sustainability and lifestyle.

The design team has imagined new concept of space that is able to bring enchantment on every moment of guests’ yachting experience. The word Kairos is taken from ancient Greek word that means “time”. Well, this concept superyacht wants to associate your time onboard with celebration of life and potential of sustainable future. There’s not much detail we can tell at the moment, but hopefully we can update you in the future for more images and specs.

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