Nereus Water Craft with Wind Energy

For all those who wish to continue to make the Jet Ski without having to spend on oil, German designer Mathias Koelher has come up with a solution. The tank and the engine have been replaced through a wing of Kite Surf. The Nereus is submersible with its wings being steered to the feet and sailing can be controlled with hands. The designer has assured that the scooter is designed to go at high enough speeds. Thus the stronger the wind more will be the speed edge.

nereus jet ski

nereus water craft

The control element is pivot-mounted, so it can be aligned according to the Kite’s position. The upper body is quite involved in this and is used to counter balance the pull. The control element provides controls to operate the kite, including a DePower handle. Sub,erging is also initiated using the control element. Emersion works without any user in-out, by usage of the shape of the fins and the resulting ascending force. Steering of the vehicle itself is controlled using the footrests, that are linked to the rudder at the back.

nereus jet ski

nereus water craft

Designer : Mathias Koelher via w3sh

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6 thoughts on “Nereus Water Craft with Wind Energy

  1. Radical, I want one.

    Markets for use:


    Adventure Rec

    Au Natural Tourisim Marketplace

    & locales:

    HI, Mex, Caribbean, FL, Med Sea, Red Sea,

    India, Philppines, NZ, So CA, Bora Bora,

    So China Sea, Vietnam, Black Sea,

    Very Unique shape

    Now to Test if winds can drive this Unit.

    HI is a Good Testing ground alone

  2. Stuff like this makes me angry.

    People designing something without really thinking about how things work or knowing anything about kitesurfing.

    it should at least look like it could work…

    go to

    to see some real, already working innovation!

  3. Well, now that looks pretty cool. I’m going to bet an arm and say it costs an arm and a leg. But de design involved in this machine is great.

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