Pinifarina Sintesi Concept is Revealed

Finally, Pinifarina Sintesi is fully revealed and gong to on display at Geneva Motor Show 2008. Sintesi concept car is a four door vehicle with an advanced fuel cell power source. The Sintesi (means ‘synthesis’ in Italian) which describe the attributes of the concept. The beauty, sportiness and functionality combine into one. Pinifarina designed Sintesi to predict the future of car design, stylist, comfort, practicality, and power.

pinifarina sintesi concept

futuristic pinifarina sintesi car concept

future car pinifarina sintesi concept

pinifarina sintesi car concept

Designer : pinifarina sintesi

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2 thoughts on “Pinifarina Sintesi Concept is Revealed

  1. This car says Fiat All over it, Id produce this Fiat for the US & Canada marketplace alone.

    Id drive this, Id rent this Or add

    Ferrari V12 engine.


  2. this seems like a somewhat futuristic car, without getting carried away. It also seems like a sports car and your ordinary czar at the same time, while somehow staying sleek. awesome car!

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