Mars-X1 Revolutionary Pickup Truck Concept Proposal for Lamborghini

Lambo Mars X1 is a concept pickup truck for Mars, it’s a design study proposal for auto company, Lamborghini. Well, the chance of Lamborghini creating a pickup truck might be as good as us colonizing Mars. This futuristic concept truck has been designed based on Lamborghini’s design DNA, it explores possible space vehicle design for future Mars dwellers. Mars X1 concept truck would become a reliable vehicle to rove the red planet while Martians fixing things as needed.

Mars-X1 Revolutionary Pickup Truck by Li Xundi

Mars-X1 Revolutionary Pickup Truck by Li Xundi

Designed by Li Xundi, Mars-X1 Pickup Truck would collect soil samples or store medical supplies, basically it is designed as mobile storage. The main bed can be utilized to haul large items, this truck also has all sorts of nooks and crannies to maximize any unused space. Even the wheels are designed with built-in storage at its center.

The large mechanism wheels are not only capable of covering rough terrain forwards and backward, but also allow the vehicle to move or turn in any direction on the spot. Each wheel can be operated independently. For enhanced maneuverability, the body is also flexible and capable of stretching or becoming more compact when necessary.

Mars-X1 Revolutionary Pickup Truck by Li Xundi

More images of Mars-X1 Revolutionary Pickup Truck:
Mars-X1 Revolutionary Pickup Truck by Li XundiMars-X1 Revolutionary Pickup Truck by Li Xundi

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