LineCraft TR : A Futuristic Aircraft Specializes In High Speed, Mid Altitude Flight

LineCraft TR is a single seater concept aircraft that comprises a collection of “Ludicrous Speed” engines, generating massive amount of ‘g’s. The engine contains eight miniatures and two large speed brakes to control the roll and yaw of the aircraft. LineCraft was designed for racing short to medium distances on the sky or over desert areas. This aircraft is specialized in high speed and mid altitude flight. The giant air brakes are required to control the aircraft because of the compact size and light weight. The ultimate speed of the aircraft has made it a good racer but an experienced pilot is required to fly this extraordinary piece.

Linecraft TR

Linecraft TR

Linecraft TR

Linecraft TR

Linecraft TR

Designer : Brian Moy

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10 thoughts on “LineCraft TR : A Futuristic Aircraft Specializes In High Speed, Mid Altitude Flight

  1. damn the turbines a re huge. r you sure it will fly like this, i think the wing span is too short. and maybe if you integrated turbines into the main fuselage it will give it a more speedy feel, right now it feels like its about to fall from the sky.

  2. Haha, yes they are huge. I was going for something as a fun exercise that would have engines that would be overpowering. It was influenced a little bit by the huge engines in the pod racers. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Love to Rent this experience alone.

    Darn that fuel use though.

    Need to produce & make:

    4, 8 seater

    Cargo carrier model alone.


    Pure Star Wars Speeder type machine here alone.

    Produce this & add 2 more seats- got 2 share the Adventure.

    Super date machine

  4. Super cool look, the oversized engines are both ridiculous and awesome.
    The fuselage hanging below would create extra drag, the thrust-line being so high. But other than that, it seems like it would actually work, if maybe unstable. lol.
    I like it.

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