Coswheel FTN eBike : Modern Personal Vehicle to Commute in Urban Environment

COSWHEEL FTN is committed to solve the short distance commute between workplace to home. As fuel costs increasing and traffic is bad, most people prefer to go to work by public transportation, joining the crowd. COSWHEEL FTN e-bike frees up your time from waiting public transportation, it is also easy to fold, you can just carry it on train, bus, or keep it in your car trunk. Designed by COSWHEEL team, the winner of 2016 Red Dot design award, they make sure this electric bike fits all the urban mobility needed. This product has been carefully designed and developed to enhance the life of urban commuters.

Coswheel FTN eBike

Coswheel FTN eBike

Fast-folding in 3 seconds, it’s perfect almost for all situations. In folded mode, COSWHEEL A2 takes less than 0.1 square meters in car’s trunk. It is easy to bring in to office, a portable transportation that you carry anywhere you want. COSWHEEL electric bike features small but powerful 350w high-speed motor, strong torque, large brake disc, adjustable shock absorber, low magnetic resistance, fast acceleration, and folding joint lock. It is also equipped with small but functional headlight with three lighting modes. The compact triangular frame is crafted of high strength 6061 aluminum alloy and supports up to 120kg of weight.

Coswheel FTN eBike

Coswheel FTN eBike

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Coswheel FTN eBikeCoswheel FTN eBikeCoswheel FTN eBikeCoswheel FTN eBikeCoswheel FTN eBike

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