Kombuis Biofuel Camping Stove : A Compact Outdoor Cooking Set with 45-degree Angled Feeding Tube

Kombius is a portable camping stove made of stainless steel. It’s a set of reliable cooking equipment for travelers and campers, everything is packed up in just 6.3-inch tall and 4.7-inch thick. The name itself comes from Dutch word for kitchen on a ship, “kom” and “buis” are also two words that translate to bowl and tube. Basically Kombuis wants to be known as a kitchen that consists of “a bowl” the pot and “a tube” the stove.

The largest part of Kombius is the base of the stove that has half grill and the hole in the side. This base fits the side tube where one gets fixed in place with the slide. The stove also comes with on top that fits the pot-stand. [Pre-Order]

Kombuis Biofuel Camping Stove

Kombuis Biofuel Camping Stove

No need for batteries or fans, the burn chamber has been designed to make fire burn well. The insulation wall allows for more hot air to go out the top of this stop, thus making more air flowing into the stove. This airflow generates good flow underneath the burning wood, which means more oxygen for better combustion. You can use twigs, sticks or other biofuel material to fuel this stove, that 45-degree angle allows the stove to have self-feeding process. [Pre-Order]

Kombuis Biofuel Camping Stove

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