iTôk : iPhone Accessory For Speech Therapists to Introduce Letters and Sounds to Children with Speech Disorders

Based on technology developed by TalkTools, Yanin Alexa Kramsky, an industrial designer, creates iTôk. It is an iPhone accessory to help speech therapists introduce letters and sounds to children with speech disorders. iTôk design focuses on 3 main goals: reduce material waste, provide data for insurance companies to cover the costs of therapy sessions, and increase face-to-face time between therapists and children.

Designer : Yanin Alexa Kramsky

iTok iPhone Accessory for Children with Speech Disorders

iTok iPhone Accessory for Children with Speech Disorders

Children need to blow a series of mouthpieces where each one represents specific letters and sounds. The sensor built into the iPhone’s microphone will record the airflow patterns. An animation appears on screen with audio and visual feedback that reinforces the correct pronunciation and use of each sound.

Using iTôk, the designer proposes simple language learning tools to eliminate the need of paper records through digital archiving. The other benefit would be increasing face-time between speech therapists, children with language learning disorders and their parents through smartphone technology. Using this platform, it’s possible for parents and therapists to digitally exchange data prior to sessions.

iTok iPhone Accessory for Children with Speech Disorders

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