Hyundai Catapult Concept Roadster Offers Both Extreme Fun and Speed

Hyundai Catapult is a concept roadster completed under mentorship of Hyundai Design Team India. This exterior body design project offers a design proposal for Hyundai to escape the ordinary and once again, bring back the joy of driving with an enhanced driving twist.

Let’s be honest, deep down, we all have pure desire for fun and speed, yet most often than not, these desires are constrained then we just have to satisfy with the ordinary. The brief for this project was to create a fun, enhanced driving experience that brings joy of driving through a compact vehicle.

Hyundai Catapult Concept Roadster by Siddhesh Bhogale

Hyundai Catapult uses the same main design principle of Hyundai of empathetic approach where the vehicle promises to truly wake your instincts, encouraging you to “Feel the feeling”. Featuring a blend of sensuality through curvaceous lines and surfaces that flow with sporty-performance enhancing elements. The compact body volume is complimented with pop graphics that gives this vehicle a modern streamlined character. This design expression being the representation of Hyundai symbol forms quirky side profile at the vehicle. From sporty textures, lightweight materials, and specific streamlined helmet, all of these boast aerodynamic capabilities and signify the vehicle being inspired by the Passion of Performance N-line.

Designed by Siddhesh Bhogale, Hyundai Catapult promises you exciting driving experience by means of Gyro stabilized cabin with a max Cabin tilt angle of 20-degree offering Cabin roll on induced centrifugal forces. It also has automated weight balance synchronization similar to anti-roll mechanisms in sea boats. This futuristic concept car aims to deliver pure driving joy.

Hyundai Catapult Concept Roadster by Siddhesh Bhogale

Hyundai Catapult Concept Roadster by Siddhesh Bhogale

Hyundai Catapult Concept Roadster by Siddhesh Bhogale

More images of Hyundai Catapult Concept Roadster:
Hyundai Catapult Concept Roadster by Siddhesh BhogaleHyundai Catapult Concept Roadster by Siddhesh Bhogale

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