Green Dynamite Plant Pot by Miguel Silva

Green Dynamite brings you green explosion, don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt a bit. This project is actually a plant pot as an alternative to boring pots which exist in the market today. Those boring pots often are accompanied by sophisticated patterns and decorations or enhanced with expensive electronic solutions that will soon discourage you from keeping the plant and the pot.

This project allows you to plant your favorite self-watering plant inside the ceramic pot which then you can continue placing it inside the glass container filled with water so that the plant can feed itself. There’s a fuse made of nylon cord which will absorb water through the plant’s root itself, just like the fire runs through to the explosive body of real dynamite. The plant will absorb water contained in the glass slowly, that’s why you need to fill the glass container again after several days.

Designer : Miguel Silva

Green Dynamite by Miguel Silva

Green Dynamite by Miguel Silva

Green Dynamite by Miguel Silva

Green Dynamite by Miguel Silva

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